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December 16, 2010

Goals Goals Goals

Hiya from crazy weather NC mountains! It’s been snowy, sleety, icy, and now rainy. I’ve heard several complaints about it, but it just makes me giggle. My typical response to any given weather angst is “welcome to the mountains”. I was home bound again today because my cold is making a comeback and I’m determined to be well before any festivities. I listened to a lot of this (see video) song and I think I feel better because of it!

I have sooo many goals to reach before Christmas! I have like, what? 8 days or so? I’m PUMPED! Bring on the pressure! I have:
-to be completely not sick
-last minute shopping to attend to, one is with my Papa so we can get Andrew the perfect present. I can’t wait to see his face when he opens it! Eeeek!
-tons of baking to do and thank you’s to write.
– a lot of photos to edit and client packages to put together
-last minute handmade gifts for the party tomorrow night, honoring 3 Mimms family members
-wrapping up loose ends at work
-share photos of Kelly’s present since I finished it last night and it’s precious

We also have a few business goals to reach for Fox & Owl Studio… I’ll let you know about those a little later. We’re so stoked for these dreams coming true!

Last night we spent some time with my brother in law, Dustin! It was a lot of fun. We ended up with Amos on Main Street climbing sculptures, slipping on ice, and checking out old stair cases. One of my favorite things to do with Andrew and Dustin is walk aimlessly and see what we can come up with. Sometimes it’s so nice not to have an agenda or a schedule. It gives you a chance to create, see new things… spend time with kids you love to death without anything to take away from the magic.

Happy Almost Friday and birthday fun!

xo. shannon

December 8, 2010


Here is a quick wee song for your Wednesday morning. I’m still recovering but, Andrew got some lights for our treepod… 5 feet worth. So we’re thinking, okay great this will be perfect! Let me tell you something, 5 feet worth of lights isn’t much. It’s hysterical! I’ll share some peeks with you tomorrow. Goodnight all!


xo. Shannon

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November 21, 2010

No name

Andrew and I went out today and took a few shots with the new canon. It still has no name… so that’s what we’re calling it.

No name.

I just hope it doesn’t stick. I mean it does take fantastic photos, so it must be name worthy. I’m excited for what we do name it, because I want to recover it’s strap. Ira still needs his strap recovered. It’s a project I’m going to try and get to tomorrow. Seeing the canon strap is okay for a while but it gets old.

Here are a few goodies from today’s mini shoot:

I’m in love with no name and this barn! We’re using it for a family shoot tomorrow, it’s pretty perfect for their style too. One thing that gives me a lot of joy is to be able to provide our clients with locations that suit them. It’s so great to see their faces light up when they see the location and then the finished product! *Sigh* happy heart!

I’ll leave you with this song tonight.

xo. s & no name & iron and wine

November 12, 2010


Apparently I’m blogging in videos and small tellings of our love story. Here is another little gem that I hope you enjoy, it is indeed a bit of our love story.

xo. s, a, & angus and juila

November 9, 2010







xo. s & musica

October 14, 2010


I’ve been working and working to make buttons for our photography page! So excited! There are two so far, and more to come. I’ll make some specifically for shannonbear just for fun! The photography buttons were our main concern and I think they look great! They’re off to the side at the top right of the page. To grab one all you have to do is copy and paste the html code into the html/java portion of your website or blog! Fist pumps for even more (pretty and fun) progress!

In the mean time Andrew and I watched Garden State tonight. It was my first time seeing it and I LOVED it! Such an amazing story line and the soundtrack… are you kidding me? Iron and Wine + The Shins. I’m. So. There. Andrew actually said he listened to the soundtrack first and that made him want to watch the movie. I recommend it.

No really. Go watch it.

xo. owl

October 3, 2010

Favorites… one anyway

Mumford and Sons – The Cave. Just one off the album that A and I totally adore.


xo. s

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September 30, 2010


Can we talk about how I NEVER know what to title these posts? Seriously.

Moving on – I’m just on for a moment before I have time with my beloved to share this with you. My friend, Maggie, shared this link with me via facebook. I kind of need it in my life. At least the experience:


How freaking precious is that? I loved how the look on the owl’s wee face totally sums up how I felt most of today!

Um, we had chili and cornbread for dinner. It was amazing. And, it officially feels like fall for us. Thinking about a camping trip this weekend to our favorite spot, I’m really looking forward to a weekend with Andrew. Just us. Woohoooo for a precious weekend!

I leave you with this lovely song tonight – Tom Petty sings it best BUT I really do like this version as well.

Good evening, friends!

xo. shannon

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June 3, 2010

And there’s gold falling

and there’s gold falling from the ceiling of this world

falling from the heartbeat of this girl.

I have 4 days my friends. 4 days until my love is returning to me from Africa. I’m beside myself I’m so excited!

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May 29, 2010

A wee bit of music

I’ve been listening to a ton of Angus and Julia Stone recently. Their music is so soothing and it takes me to a place mentally that’s full of magic. I love to close my eyes to their music and see what my imagination can come up with.

I’m going to have more art journal photos to share soon, I’m pretty jazzed about how that project is going. I’ve also been right on schedule with my goal for 30 minutes of yoga or pilates a day. Although, I have substituted walking the lake for a couple of days. Its really great to have a goal like that, its easy to stay motivated when you’re excited about the results of your hard work!

Mr. Horton and I have 9 days left before he’s home. And the count down continues! It feels like its been about 35 million years since I’ve seen him. However, looking back to when I started at the lake feels like a blink of an eye and that was about 3 months ago. How does that work? He’s been gone for almost 7 weeks and that feels like an eternity compared to how long I worked at the lake… which was a longer amount of time.  It is rather odd how your heart makes things more complicated.

Here is my current favorite by A&J Stone for your listening pleasure:


xo, bear

ps – How do you feel about the new look of the blog? Eh eh?

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