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August 30, 2010

Ah, the flea market

We went to the flea market on Sunday! I haven’t been to one in ages and was a little intimidated at first. It’s hard to shop around and have people trying to get you over to their table and barter with you when you first walk up but, once you get used to it… you can rock the heck out of it. Andrew and I ended up with 3 vintage owls, a 60’s aqua radio, and a 50s aqua clock. Kind of amazing.

Eeeeek! I have to clean some of them up a bit still but, they are too cute. We also found an owl sugar dish and an old medicine cabinet. We thought it was a mirror at first and were thrilled to find out that it was, in fact, a medicine cabinet! We’re going to clean it up and paint it and I’ll post some photos of it. Sooo excited! I love watching our little house become a home as we make it more our style with thrifted and vintage items. *happy heart*

xo – S & A

August 28, 2010

Bedside Table Makeover

I’m so excited! Andrew and I have been thrifting our furniture. Its like our new hobby, so fun! We found this little table for me which was purple (ghastly) and I painted it bumblebee yellow. I chose bumblebee because he’s my favorite from Transformers, it made my heart happy! But, it’s just been yellow and pretty but kind of boring since we painted it. So tonight, while A was swimming with his brothers, I decided to get busy with it. I decided to do a scalloped edge on the drawer and paint the side with a cute design and an owl. Here are the before shots:

See? Cute but kinda boring. Here it is after the painting fun:

Eeeek! I’m so please with how it turned out! It is so nice to get a small project like this done. I love the feeling of complete rewarding satisfaction of a cute job well done. What are some of your projects?

Andrew and I are going to watch McLintock tonight. My mom suggested it to us the other night at the house and we got excited about it. We’re on a classic movie kick, lots of Audrey Hepburn movies (sadly some are musicals, wah wah). Any suggestions for other classics?

Happy Saturday Eve!

xo – S & A

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August 27, 2010

Smell that?

It smells like fall! Ah, it is my absolute favorite! I think the best thing of summer is the anticipation of fall.

I want to find a bench like this and read lovely books and use wonderful fall leaves for bookmarks.

Going up on the Parkway to be with my mountains when they’re clothed with His glory.

I’m really jazzed about taking pictures like this myself in the coming weeks. Andrew and I can’t wait for our first autumn together! I’m already feeling the autumn wanderlust! Eeek!

xo – shannon

August 23, 2010

Simple things

There is a blog that I follow it’s called A Beautiful Mess and it’s a blog about a lovely lady named Elsie who has the most magical art and handmade goods! I really enjoy her blog and her inspirational posts.

She created a simple goals project and put it on her blog for others to enjoy as well. There are several people who have posted their goals on their blogs  and I thought I would join in!

I’ve thought about these goals for a while and I think I have the perfect four

1. Learn to crochet
I don’t have anyone to teach me (any volunteers?) but I’ve always really enjoyed the look of crochet and it would be a welcome break from knitting!

2. Shop local
Andrew and I love to shop local but we don’t get to do that often. We live in such an amazing part of the country and there are so many opportunities to buy local and support our wee communities.

3. Take photos as a creative outlet
I love love love to take photos. It’s something that helps me capture beautiful moments and memories. With fall coming up I want to set this goal so I can document our first fall together and have a great creative outlet also.

4. More balance and quality lovey time with A
This is the most simple goal. I need more balance between work and play. Andrew is so good to help me slow down and take a breath but, I’d rather be able to do it myself so I remember to have fun rather than be reminded. I have to have that lovey time with my sweet Lovey!

There you have it! My four simple goals. I think they’re reasonable and they make me happy in my heart! What are you simple goals? I’d love to know!

xo – Shan

August 22, 2010

I’m longing for the sixties…

I finally have wireless back (eeek!) Let’s see, such a busy tw0 weeks or so I don’t really know where to start…

We lost internet-got it back- lost it again-gave up on it-went to Tennessee-got knives-got rained on-ran in said rain-fixed up the studio a little-bathed the animals-worked…a lot-talked with old friends-had lovey married time-found Hershey kisses-got lots of phone calls-read out loud from books-memorized the freckles in our eyes-sang lots of songs-slept in the car-had several cups of coffee-bought a new coffee maker, it’s my favorite green-with two cups to match-enjoyed the clouds-and been in love

I think that is an okay summary of things that have been going on. I’m longing for the 60’s like crazy. I love the idea of no digital cameras, film, fighting for rights, living in a relatively safer and quieter time, being a real hippie, not shaving and having it not be a big social deal, and wearing amazing vests with hippie head bands. Happy heart.

I’ve been promising you photos from our honeymoon. Here are a few goodies!

Hubs and I are in serious need of dinner! Have a lovely evening, friends!

xo – S

August 18, 2010

I’m still alive!

We lost internet! It’s been so crazy this week with getting the classroom set up, marketing deals, and daily life! I’m glad to have a bit of normalcy back in my life! I’ll hopefully be posting tomorrow evening and enjoying some down time!

August 14, 2010

It’s my birthday!

My my my, 24 today! I’m pretty stoked! I think birthdays, besides Thanksgiving, are my favorite! I’m really excited about this being my very first married birthday, I love new experiences like this! Happy Saturday friends!

August 12, 2010

I was thinking…

Today I went to my friend Leslie’s house to pick up some organic eggs and tomatoes. While I was there we were hanging out a little eating yogurt and hummus, just having a good time. She noticed the time and said, “Oh! Dr. Oz is on!”  picked up the remote and flipped to the channel. Andrew and I don’t have cable so I don’t really watch any TV (refreshing) so I’ve never seen Dr. Oz. My first thought was …like the Wizard or what?

It was a show about hoarders, okay that is interesting enough. Find a hoarder, call them out, help them get rid of stuff, clean the house, give them psych help, the end. Then it transitioned into a segment about unwanted hair. Where do women have unwanted hair, etc. Then it went to a segment about “am I normal”… What?

I’ve been in my house, under my cableless rock, happy as a lark. I’m watching this show and all of the sudden I’m looking at my body like, what is wrong with it? Do I have unwanted hair somewhere? Am I normal… does that happen to me and does it make me not normal?

Whoa whoa whoa…

Back up.

What is with these shows? I don’t understand a society that has shows based on whether someone is normal or if they have unwanted hair and the game show, “how to’s” to fix yourself even though in reality, you’re beautiful just as you are. There are extreme cases, yes. BUT most everyone is just fine. I hate that society promotes shows like this and encourages women (and men) to look at themselves, find the bad, and go out and buy the product that will fix it.

Give. Me. A. Break.

There are countless other shows out there like this I’m sure… if  you’re a fan of Dr. Oz and I’ve offended you, I apologize but holy cow. I always try to be mindful of what I watch and how much of it I take to heart. For the first time EVER I’m glad I don’t have cable.

What do you guys think? I’d love to know, leave me a comment and hook me up with your opinions.

xo, s

August 11, 2010

My birthday is coming up

My wee birthday is on Friday Saturday the 14th, I’ll be 24! I’m working on a 25 things to do before I’m 25 goal list. I think I may make a wee journal specifically for this little project! I love that the deadline is Friday, that makes me work faster and better.

I’ve been promising an update and haven’t done it and I’m sooo sorry! Since we’ve been back from honeymoon things have been super crazy and busy. I’ve been organizing rooms and throwing things away/sorting to give away, painting things and making them lovely, cleaning, laundry, etc. I just got my Brother sewing machine for the sewing class and I’m beyond excited to learn all about it and get started.

I have a meeting in about 20 minutes and I have some marketing work to do tonight but I’m going to post some photos of things we’ve been sprucing and photos from our honeymoon. Thanks for being patient!

xo – S

August 10, 2010

Just a little blast from the past

My brother and I love love love Rescuers Down Under. Like that and the Great Mouse Detective were a couple of our favorites. One of our favorite parts is when Joanna is stealing the eggs, so I looked it up tonight since my kitten was attempting to do the same thing with Andrew’s ham. It makes me laugh till I cry every time!

Hahaha! Oh, I do hope you enjoyed that as much as we do!

Photos and updates tomorrow, that’s a promise!

xo – s

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