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July 19, 2010

The tale of no wine opener

Whew! This moving thing is crazy! We are slowly slowly getting settled, we’re just so so blessed!

Last night we wanted to open the wine that we’ve been saving for ages. We got the bottle before he left for Africa and decided to save it until we moved into our place. Well that would have been last night.

So here we are amidst boxes and trash bags with a few things in order waiting for our wine. But we have no wine opener. So what do we do?

Said wine bottle, for which we have no opener.

Andrew says, hey what about a drill bit? Brilliant!

Except that it didn’t work… it merely bored a hole in the cork. Lame. So…

Andrew grabbed a screw and screw driver to attach the resistant cork.

So with great strength and faces of determination….

Huzzah! Fist pumps and high fives all around! The silly cork was pulled out and we enjoyed our much anticipated wine on the front porch in rocking chairs and $1 margarita glasses from Walmart!

I pretty much love the adventures of moving in and living together!

We come back to heal ya – janglin soul!

xo – S & A

July 17, 2010


Oh, we are moving in this weekend!

It’s so nice to finally have our own lovely space! We have had the most wonderful support from our family and friends! So many great things have been donated to us – table and chairs & a couch. We’re just in the process of finding creative ways to store things in our kitchen – any creative storage suggestions? We need them! I’ll have pictures posted soon, we don’t have internet at our house yet so we’re going to random places to find it.

Happy weekend!

xo – s

July 13, 2010

I think I’m in love

Chalkboard paint might be one of my favorite things ever!! I had it in my class room when I was teaching pre-school and my kids looooved it. Plus it was too precious to walk in and see their sweet little hand prints and random drawings on our chalkboard cloud.

Since we’ve FINALLY gotten a place to stay we’re thinking of making a chalkboard wall… Downside – we can’t paint (that we know of) so I’m thinking a piece of sanded plywood or something and making it an amazing addition to our wee house!

I’m thinking there might be a theme coming on – like “Things I like Thursday” or “Freaking Fun Friday”… thoughts? I don’t like way cute titles so it will have to be more funky than that but it might be fun.

I’m loving these ideas for a chalkboard wall-

I think the green might be my favorite color for a sweet little chalkboard. Hopefully it’s a wee dream that we can bring to reality to make our new house a home! And… hopefully I’ll have pictures too! Perhaps a before & after session is in order!

xo – s