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October 2, 2010

Laaaaazy Saturdays

Holy cow. Good afternoon/morning! We only got up an hour ago!


Andrew and I spent a little time in Asheville the other night and came away with a lovely cord vest for me. I feel like a hobbit when I wear it. Not even joking. I’m going to post pictures soon but until then here is a little taste :]

It helps of course, that Tolkien is one of my absolute favorites. But since I was thinking about hobbits, I was thinking too about where they live and how I’d love to have a round green door with a yellow knocker. That would just make me so happy in my heart.

Ah, it’s shower time and then off to enjoy this crisp fall day! That is of course, after Andrew is done singing about Roofus going out to pee…I love my life!

xo. s

September 30, 2010


Can we talk about how I NEVER know what to title these posts? Seriously.

Moving on – I’m just on for a moment before I have time with my beloved to share this with you. My friend, Maggie, shared this link with me via facebook. I kind of need it in my life. At least the experience:


How freaking precious is that? I loved how the look on the owl’s wee face totally sums up how I felt most of today!

Um, we had chili and cornbread for dinner. It was amazing. And, it officially feels like fall for us. Thinking about a camping trip this weekend to our favorite spot, I’m really looking forward to a weekend with Andrew. Just us. Woohoooo for a precious weekend!

I leave you with this lovely song tonight – Tom Petty sings it best BUT I really do like this version as well.

Good evening, friends!

xo. shannon

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September 25, 2010

A few lovely things…

Good Saturday Morning! Just a quick little post for the morning. So far Angus has tasted my coffee, fresh out of the percolator, and huffed and sneezed it out of his nose, looked at me and the cup with disdain and took off for a drink of water. I’m debating on how to feel about this. Especially the disdainful look. Should I be glad that he doesn’t like coffee since there will never be a cat trying to drink from my cup? Or should I be bummed because I love coffee so much and he’s not cool enough to love it with me?


Second is on the HUGE tulip poplar we have in the yard. A few bunches of leaves are beginning to turn YELLOW! I’m so excited! They’re lovely and I’m looking forward to playing in them when they start to fall!

Third is this lovely sign:I think it’s pretty fabulous. Andrew and I are going to find some great fabric for me today so I can get busy on a few projects. Christmas is coming quickly and I have some ideas that are super exciting… as long as I can actually turn them out! Ha!

Oh, and it’s actually going to be in the 70s today with a maybe thunderstorm. Welcome Fall!

xo. S

Happy Saturday, friends!

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September 24, 2010


Hi! Happy Day!


That totally means date night! We’re going to Asheville to eat at our favorite down town resturant and go see this movie!

And much to our dismay, since it was an evening and outdoor event, the above photo is pretty much the only one from the Punch Brothers last night. Wah wah. BUT! We did have a blast :]

Happy First Friday of Fall Eve!

xo. shannon

September 22, 2010

First Day….

But I have the autumn wanderlust upon me, and would fain be off with a knapsack on my back and no particular destination…

Happy Flipping First Day of Autumn!!!

xo. s

September 22, 2010

Let’s stay…

Before A and I even opened our eyes this morning we said, let’s stay in bed all day.

We’re too sleepy. Wouldn’t it be divine to stay in bed all day in order to prepare for tonight since Autumn makes it’s return? I think so.

xo. s and a and sleepy eyes

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August 27, 2010

Smell that?

It smells like fall! Ah, it is my absolute favorite! I think the best thing of summer is the anticipation of fall.

I want to find a bench like this and read lovely books and use wonderful fall leaves for bookmarks.

Going up on the Parkway to be with my mountains when they’re clothed with His glory.

I’m really jazzed about taking pictures like this myself in the coming weeks. Andrew and I can’t wait for our first autumn together! I’m already feeling the autumn wanderlust! Eeek!

xo – shannon