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August 22, 2010

I’m longing for the sixties…

I finally have wireless back (eeek!) Let’s see, such a busy tw0 weeks or so I don’t really know where to start…

We lost internet-got it back- lost it again-gave up on it-went to Tennessee-got knives-got rained on-ran in said rain-fixed up the studio a little-bathed the animals-worked…a lot-talked with old friends-had lovey married time-found Hershey kisses-got lots of phone calls-read out loud from books-memorized the freckles in our eyes-sang lots of songs-slept in the car-had several cups of coffee-bought a new coffee maker, it’s my favorite green-with two cups to match-enjoyed the clouds-and been in love

I think that is an okay summary of things that have been going on. I’m longing for the 60’s like crazy. I love the idea of no digital cameras, film, fighting for rights, living in a relatively safer and quieter time, being a real hippie, not shaving and having it not be a big social deal, and wearing amazing vests with hippie head bands. Happy heart.

I’ve been promising you photos from our honeymoon. Here are a few goodies!

Hubs and I are in serious need of dinner! Have a lovely evening, friends!

xo – S

July 29, 2010


I went thrift shopping with my friend Leslie today! We need a few more things for the house and with so many great thrift shops in the area, Leslie suggested a little outing. I found some super cute things!

This sweet daisy trivet, Leslie is modeling for me! How flipping cute is that?! Total 60s and made in Japan!

And this sweet little daisy apron! It was made in the 70s. I couldn’t resist!

I’m researching a little more for our honeymoon tonight! Cannot wait to head out of here for a while with my lovely Husband! Happy evening!

xo. s

July 17, 2010


Oh, we are moving in this weekend!

It’s so nice to finally have our own lovely space! We have had the most wonderful support from our family and friends! So many great things have been donated to us – table and chairs & a couch. We’re just in the process of finding creative ways to store things in our kitchen – any creative storage suggestions? We need them! I’ll have pictures posted soon, we don’t have internet at our house yet so we’re going to random places to find it.

Happy weekend!

xo – s

July 13, 2010

I think I’m in love

Chalkboard paint might be one of my favorite things ever!! I had it in my class room when I was teaching pre-school and my kids looooved it. Plus it was too precious to walk in and see their sweet little hand prints and random drawings on our chalkboard cloud.

Since we’ve FINALLY gotten a place to stay we’re thinking of making a chalkboard wall… Downside – we can’t paint (that we know of) so I’m thinking a piece of sanded plywood or something and making it an amazing addition to our wee house!

I’m thinking there might be a theme coming on – like “Things I like Thursday” or “Freaking Fun Friday”… thoughts? I don’t like way cute titles so it will have to be more funky than that but it might be fun.

I’m loving these ideas for a chalkboard wall-

I think the green might be my favorite color for a sweet little chalkboard. Hopefully it’s a wee dream that we can bring to reality to make our new house a home! And… hopefully I’ll have pictures too! Perhaps a before & after session is in order!

xo – s