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December 21, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Since it’s Christmas time I wanted to share a few of my favorite Christmas time traditions.

One thing that I absolutely love to do is drive around and find Christmas lights! I love them, from tacky to spectacular. Though, not gonna lie, I think tacky is my favorite. We have a few super ghetto places in town that have the most hilarious lights all over the place. The great thing about it is that Andrew and I know a lot of those folks and they couldn’t be cooler people.

We also have a couple of famous stops around town for lights. The Biltmore House is quite a draw for lovely Christmas magic and so is the Grove Park Inn. One of my favorite things to do is check out the gingerbread houses at both places.




Another favorite Christmas tradition is to watch Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. It’s one of my all time favorite movies, but I think it’s just because Yukon Cornelius is in it. He’s so much like my dad! I love love love him and his antics. My favorite quote from the movie is:
“Well, Im off to get my life-sustaining supplies of cornmeal, gunpowder, ham hocks and guitar strings.” I think the reason I love it so much is because my life sustaining supplies would consist of similar things. Sans ham hocks… maybe bacon instead ;]

Every year I always read my Christmas Mitford book. Mitford has been one of my favorite series since I was in high school. I’ve read them all at least 10 times. They’re just like going home, they sooth my spirit.

My mom and I make it a point to watch Love Actually while we bake something delicious each year too. We haven’t done that yet this year, but I’m thinking we’ll fix that tomorrow. I need a really really good baking fix and some mother daughter time before we get too crazy with Christmas festivities!

Well there you have it. A few of my absolute favorite Christmas traditions. Since it’s our first year of marriage Andrew and I are creating our own traditions, like our treepod! I’m so excited to make new memories this year with him!

xo. shannon

August 8, 2010


Honeymoon was amazing! We really got a great feel for Savannah, Andrew experienced Charleston, I fell in love with it all over again, and we got amazing photos!

I’ll post some stories and photos later on. We got back a little bit ago and I have unpacking to do before attempting my Monday goal list! I really love my wee chalkboard, it’s so handy for making lists and notes… it’s so fun to leave my Mr. notes on also!
Dear Camera Phone, You are woefully inadequate. Work on that for me will you?  Love, Shannon

*Yawn* Goodnight my dears!

xo – Mr. & Mrs. H

July 24, 2010


I am finally wedding my beloved tomorrow in one of my favorite places in the world with some of my favorite people in the world. I think all of the stress, tears, blood, fights, etc that go into planning a wedding make it worth it in the end. I’m hoping for a beautiful day tomorrow – maybe a little sprinkle just because it’s fun and A and I love rain. We’ll see what we’re blessed with!

I’ll be back with photos eventually. We are thinking of a small honeymoon to Savannah, GA and a second honeymoon to Europe later. Any suggestions for things to see/do/thrift in Savannah? Leave me a comment! I would love to know!

Whew! I’m an almost Mrs.!!!! Holy crap!

Happy Weekend, friends!!

xo, S & A

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