Engagement Story

Andrew and I have known each other for over 10 years. We met in jr. high and kind of kept in touch after that. We went through sr. high together and graduated the same year. After graduation he went off and traveled the world with GX while I went to WCU. After he came back to the states and settled back in NC and I graduated, we reconnected at a place called, Panacea. We had just been out of pretty serious relationships and we met up to talk and have fellowship. He started courting me after a green light from Abba, we say “courting” because that’s what it was. Not dating but, courting. He pursued me and we officially were together about a week later.

Andrew was committed to a trip to Africa with a local business, he was to go to a Marathon oil compound and install lighting protection for two months! What two months?! When he left we were able to talk over Skype and the phone. It was a trying and telling time in our young relationship, but also sweet!  Those two months were the longest of my life! When he came home I picked him up at the airport and we haven’t let go of each other since.

He asked me to marry him after a Sunday afternoon full of drama at my grandparent’s house where my mom had announced that “this is Andrew, Shannon’s boyfriend/fiancee”. It was very frustrating to have it announced before we had made it official. We left early and went to Lake Junaluska to talk about it and seek our next move. We were in the middle of discussion when he pulled a yellow string off our favorite blanket and asked me to be his forever. I was shocked (especially given what we were discussing) and accepted. He tied it around my finger and it was official for us (which is what counts) and then the fun began!

After a few weeks we were able to get the custom celtic love knot ring from a local artisan. We were over the moon when we saw it! So perfect! After that we were able to take the “official” engagement photos. My brother, Nathan, took them – we went to one of our favorite spots, Black Balsam and had a field day!



There they are! Isn’t my brother amazing?! We were so pleased with how these came out and we still need to have them put on canvas and hung around our house. Engagement is such a sweet season. We truly enjoyed ours! Thanks for sharing our story and for the support! You can check out our wedding story here!

Fox & Owl. Together Forever. <3

xoxo shannon and andrew


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