A little addition…

Andrew and I have to announce a new addition to our family.

Can you guess what it is?

Can you?

No, we’re not pregnant. We got a new wee Canon! Best Buy has been running a special and we snapped up a new Canon EOS! So, now we have Ira and we need to name this new beauty. The battery is charging, the strap is waiting to be put on (which I will recover as soon as we name it), a fresh 8 gig memory card is in it’s slot, and light just waiting to be captured.


It’s like the new car smell that everyone loves. Or the new gun that my dad gets. Or the new pipe that Andrew gets. Or that perfect pair of shoes, girls you know what I’m saying. That’s what my love for cameras is like.

Right? Say what? Cameras?


But it’s true. The geek in me just totally loves them! And, I’m so very okay with that!

I’m also super jazzed about the new private practice tonight. I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to be friends after the episode that was done in bad taste. Can’t even handle it. But, I think we might be okay. I’m working on forgivingness.

I have sewing to do. I’m so stoked on our final decision with packaging for Fox & Owl it’s just so flipping cute, personal, green, and re-usable!

Happy Thursday Eve!

xo. S


One Comment to “A little addition…”

  1. Awesome!! So happy for you and your new addition! Can’t wait to see the pics taken with this cam. :)

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