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June 28, 2010

I’m really digging engaged life!

I’m not disappeared! We have been so busy getting ready for the wedding that I scarcely have time for coffee!

I’m very proud because we have made our own invitations – I’ll post a DIY up for you guys and give you specific examples in my next post. It’s kind of great.

We decided that Black Balsam (one of our favorite places on Earth) would be a splendid place to take our engagement photos. My brother, Nathan, was kind enough to take them for us. Before you ask, no he is not a professional. However, I think he needs to re-think it and become one.  We went up around 6:00 in order to catch the sunset. We were a little dismayed when clouds rolled in and we thought it might not happen. But, Abba made it like magic! It was possibly one of the most gorgeous sunsets ever to be beheld!

The last one is my absolute favorite. Several of these will have to be framed because they are just too lovely!

I’ll be back later today (gasp! two posts in one day?!) with the promised DIY!

xo – Shannon