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January 13, 2011

Magical Places

Today is a slow easy day. It makes me want to go to magical places like these…





Andrew and I may have to make our own fort in the living room!  I’m so *inspired*! Happy Thursday!

xo S

January 11, 2011

Style Crush!

I’ve been in love with vintage thermos’s for a LONG time and I think I may need to begin collecting them. They’re just too fun! Here are a few that are beyond lovely!

I love the idea of a his & her thermos set! Found here.

This set of four is to die for! I love love love the green one! Found here.

Two words: DINNER PARTY! Found here.

This inspires me to have a picnic in a field of daisies with my beloved! I’m head over heels for it! Found here.

The patterns and colors on this set are so great! They make me yearn for fall… ♥ Found here.

That was fun! Andrew is home today, I think we’ll play in the snow a bit! Bring on the sledding and hot chocolate!

♥ S

January 10, 2011

Another Snow Day!!

I was supposed to babysit today but, we have over a foot of snow at our house! C-R-A-Z-Y! I’m loving every sweet second of the snow magic.

Andrew worked for the better part of the day plowing at SAM’S but he’s home and resting on the couch, it’s actually quite adorable!

I love this photo! It captures the magic of that particular moment. I love our little house with it’s sweet lighting and fun colors. *sigh* And that man sleeping away is SO wonderful!

While he was gone I took on my very first ham, which is in the oven and smelling GREAT by the way, and I took a ton of photos. Here are a few from the snow today.

I think my favorite might be the wee cardinal. She was too lovely not to photography. I love days like this! I have a book and a cup of coffee calling my name! Happy Monday!

xo Shannon


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January 8, 2011

Style Crush

Oh my goodness I have a total style crush on  “modern sofas”! I think it stems from always having a ridiculously patterned couch while I was growing up and from the vintage couch we have right now. I went from pattern extreme to vintage! Check these lovelies out!

Ah! This gold tweed is SO gorgeous!

I’ve never been a huge fan of 70s pumpkin on furniture… until now!

This is my FAVORITE! I absolutely love how bold the color is and the bit of bling at the bottom, just the perfect touch to the pink!

It’s still snowy here, I’m waiting for us to lose power. I just can’t wait to go play in it when Andrew gets home from plowing! Eeeek!

xo Shannon

January 7, 2011

PBS Might be the Greatest Channel… Ever

Today is a snow day. It’s been coming down nonstop all day and we’ve been loving it. We celebrated while watching PBS and eating a cozy lunch on the couch. Wait until you see what we watched. I’ll give you a hint…

Do you recognize that hand and painting?

I mean, we all grew up with this show.

Can you guess?

Okay okay, I’ll tell you…

It’s flipping Bob Ross!! Andrew and I looked at each other, faces alight, and squealed at the same time. Not. Even. Joking. We watched and marveled at his typical Bob Ross jargon, painting skills, and general splendor.

My favorite part (other than his fro)?

Happy little trees!

Happy heart!  Tonight the giveaway is officially closed. I’ll announce the winner on Monday! Hopefully by then I’ll be able to get out of our drive way, through the snow and to Panacea to pick up the coffee! Can’t wait!

xoxo Shannon

January 6, 2011


Today was such a lovely day! We got to play in the snow, we found some great scores at a thrift store, and we had a nice dinner out.



Andrew got the camera this evening and took a few photos of me while we were playing around. I was enjoying some coffee and he was standing on a chair being silly. Here are the results:

Apparently the last one is my patented “okay, enough already” look. I wasn’t aware of that until he showed me that photo. How can anyone take me seriously?

Off to bed for some reading and snuggling. Don’t forget tomorrow is the LAST day to enter the Panacea giveaway! Just leave a comment and tell me where you love to enjoy coffee! Happy Thursday eve!

XO shannon

January 6, 2011

Day Off

I’m taking the day off from sewing like a crazy person and resting my fingers! Andrew went to work super early and now he’s home and we’re going to play in the snow and do some shopping! I can’t wait!

xo S

January 3, 2011

Fridge Drawing

Andrew and I have taken to drawing on our fridge of late. It’s quickly becoming one of the best places to draw, leave love notes, makes lists, etc. I kind of love it.

All you need are some dry erase markers, I prefer Expo Markers and a white fridge!

When you combine the two you get this:

How much fun is that? I kind of love that Andrew drew a coffee mug on it. Yes, for those of you who are worried, it comes off with an eraser or with soap and water! I hope this inspired you to write on your fridge or mirror or whatever!

xoxo Shannon


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January 1, 2011

Year End Review

Since I had SO much happen this year I thought it would be fun to do my very first year end review! I’m going to try to do it with one photo that sums up each month. We’ll see. Here goes!

In January I decided to make this blog. It started out being a 365 day project, with a photo a day, finding the beautiful. It started with this post and a photo of a pomegranate martini! Unfortunately the moment that summed up January for us was the loss of our beloved Auntie. Sad day, but her release from the pain was (is) a blessing. She was lovely.

In February I left my job as a Pre-K teacher to embark on a marketing journey. It was fun and it taught me a lot of what I do want and what I do not want in a job. Invaluable. And of course, the friends I made are irreplaceable and wonderful people! I also met me beloved. Over coffee, at Panacea. Of course. I was also published in Smoky Mountain Living magazine, for a photo I took on the parkway. Kind of a great month!

In March we contiuned to fall in love and go on adventures. Always on adventures! We took more photos than you can shake a stick at and enjoyed the last vestiges of snow.

In April we participated in TOMS “One Day Without Shoes” and went all day barefoot. At work, when Nathan got his hair cut, walking around the lake. It was a magical and humbling experience. Andrew also left for Africa that month. H-A-R-D. I blogged about a lot of emotional things that were going on in my life at that time. With my family and with my beloved being gone. Goodness, me. This image of Andrew from skype literally sums up how we spent our time apart from working. With each other.

In May I started art journaling. It was (is) one of the best ways to journal for me! I l-o-v-e it! It helped me document more personal aspects of Andrew being gone and hopes for the future. I love looking back at it, it’s so special!  I also spent a lot more time in the woods. Mostly with my dad but also on clandestine meetings of my own making.

In June Andrew came home to me! Not only that, but we were engaged that month! Yippeeee!

In July we got MARRIED! It makes me blush a little!

In August we went on our honeymoon to Savannah, GA and we ended in my favorite Charleston, SC. We actually tied in with my parents in Charleston. Right? Who does that on their honeymoon? We do :] I also turned 24!

In September we fell more in love , if that is possible and adjusted more to married life. In celebration we got a new wee kitten! Angus!!

Oh! October! Andrew turned 25 and we started Fox & Owl Photography (now Fox & Owl Studio)! We were able to realize a dream that we’d had for a long time between the two of us, but even longer for me. I’ve always wanted to have a photography biz!

November brought us our first holiday and our newest Canon, Amos! We also got to see Iron & Wine at the Orange Peel! It was a delight!

December was family love and Christmas. Our very first married Christmas which was also our anniversary. Can I tell you a secret? We decided on July because it’s not a big month, really. It’s not a birthday month for either of us and it’s not a big holiday month. We did that because we wanted our anniversary set apart from everything else. Little did we consider that the 24th is always Christmas Eve and sometimes Thanksgiving. Andrew whispered to me on Christmas Eve, “This might have been a GREAT idea!”. We’re just silly like that :]

Ah, such a great year! I can’t to take on 2011!!! What were some of your favorite moments from 2010?

xoxo Shannon

December 29, 2010

Slush Jumping

As the snow was falling over Christmas Andrew and I went to Walmart for a bottle of wine and they were *gasp* closed! So we took to playing in the snow. We were the only people there. Not even joking. It was like the entire world was ours so what did we do? Slush jump! Slush is one of my great joys, while others hate it… loathe it actually, I like to play in it. It makes the most satisfying sound when you jump in it! Of course we had the camera and of course we documented every single delicious moment!  What is slush jumping you might ask? Well, I’ll show you!

That my friends, is slush jumping! I encourage you to give it a go if you have any available slush near you!

xoxo shannon & slush jumping