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October 2, 2010

Laaaaazy Saturdays

Holy cow. Good afternoon/morning! We only got up an hour ago!


Andrew and I spent a little time in Asheville the other night and came away with a lovely cord vest for me. I feel like a hobbit when I wear it. Not even joking. I’m going to post pictures soon but until then here is a little taste :]

It helps of course, that Tolkien is one of my absolute favorites. But since I was thinking about hobbits, I was thinking too about where they live and how I’d love to have a round green door with a yellow knocker. That would just make me so happy in my heart.

Ah, it’s shower time and then off to enjoy this crisp fall day! That is of course, after Andrew is done singing about Roofus going out to pee…I love my life!

xo. s

September 22, 2010

First Day….

But I have the autumn wanderlust upon me, and would fain be off with a knapsack on my back and no particular destination…

Happy Flipping First Day of Autumn!!!

xo. s

August 27, 2010

Smell that?

It smells like fall! Ah, it is my absolute favorite! I think the best thing of summer is the anticipation of fall.

I want to find a bench like this and read lovely books and use wonderful fall leaves for bookmarks.

Going up on the Parkway to be with my mountains when they’re clothed with His glory.

I’m really jazzed about taking pictures like this myself in the coming weeks. Andrew and I can’t wait for our first autumn together! I’m already feeling the autumn wanderlust! Eeek!

xo – shannon