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August 30, 2010

Ah, the flea market

We went to the flea market on Sunday! I haven’t been to one in ages and was a little intimidated at first. It’s hard to shop around and have people trying to get you over to their table and barter with you when you first walk up but, once you get used to it… you can rock the heck out of it. Andrew and I ended up with 3 vintage owls, a 60’s aqua radio, and a 50s aqua clock. Kind of amazing.

Eeeeek! I have to clean some of them up a bit still but, they are too cute. We also found an owl sugar dish and an old medicine cabinet. We thought it was a mirror at first and were thrilled to find out that it was, in fact, a medicine cabinet! We’re going to clean it up and paint it and I’ll post some photos of it. Sooo excited! I love watching our little house become a home as we make it more our style with thrifted and vintage items. *happy heart*

xo – S & A

July 29, 2010


I went thrift shopping with my friend Leslie today! We need a few more things for the house and with so many great thrift shops in the area, Leslie suggested a little outing. I found some super cute things!

This sweet daisy trivet, Leslie is modeling for me! How flipping cute is that?! Total 60s and made in Japan!

And this sweet little daisy apron! It was made in the 70s. I couldn’t resist!

I’m researching a little more for our honeymoon tonight! Cannot wait to head out of here for a while with my lovely Husband! Happy evening!

xo. s