Can we talk about how I NEVER know what to title these posts? Seriously.

Moving on – I’m just on for a moment before I have time with my beloved to share this with you. My friend, Maggie, shared this link with me via facebook. I kind of need it in my life. At least the experience:


How freaking precious is that? I loved how the look on the owl’s wee face totally sums up how I felt most of today!

Um, we had chili and cornbread for dinner. It was amazing. And, it officially feels like fall for us. Thinking about a camping trip this weekend to our favorite spot, I’m really looking forward to a weekend with Andrew. Just us. Woohoooo for a precious weekend!

I leave you with this lovely song tonight – Tom Petty sings it best BUT I really do like this version as well.

Good evening, friends!

xo. shannon

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