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December 9, 2010


Hiya and Happy Thursday!

Since Andrew and I aren’t traditional in… basically every way, we decided to use our tripod as a Christmas tree. You remember my previous mention of the 5 foot string of lights that we were so stoked on and how woefully inadequate they were, right? Well here is a photo, a before and after if you will.

I’m pretty sure we bellowed with laughter upon inspection of this attempt at lights. It was to hysterical! Angus, however, is cozy as a little bug in his tent. Gotta love that.

Okay, so here is our treepod after we bought some an actual string of lights.

Much better. And, we did include the original 5 foot strand. It just seemed appropriate to include our very first string of lights on our very first treepod. Being married is so fun and full of firsts! We’re pretty pleased with how it turned out, kinda cute!

Today I’ve been sipping out of my deer mug, I found it in a box store with my college roommate and HAD to have it. It’s been one of my favorites since :]

I think coffee might taste better when it’s out of this mug. Just sayin’.

My dad and I are making hunter brownies this evening, they’re a blast from the past when it comes to sweets. We always made them in the fall/winter seasons when I was little and it’s been SO long that we decided that it was high time for another batch! I’ll share photos later and perhaps a recipe?

Happy Afternoon!

xo. s & treepod

December 8, 2010


Here is a quick wee song for your Wednesday morning. I’m still recovering but, Andrew got some lights for our treepod… 5 feet worth. So we’re thinking, okay great this will be perfect! Let me tell you something, 5 feet worth of lights isn’t much. It’s hysterical! I’ll share some peeks with you tomorrow. Goodnight all!


xo. Shannon

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