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May 29, 2010

A wee bit of music

I’ve been listening to a ton of Angus and Julia Stone recently. Their music is so soothing and it takes me to a place mentally that’s full of magic. I love to close my eyes to their music and see what my imagination can come up with.

I’m going to have more art journal photos to share soon, I’m pretty jazzed about how that project is going. I’ve also been right on schedule with my goal for 30 minutes of yoga or pilates a day. Although, I have substituted walking the lake for a couple of days. Its really great to have a goal like that, its easy to stay motivated when you’re excited about the results of your hard work!

Mr. Horton and I have 9 days left before he’s home. And the count down continues! It feels like its been about 35 million years since I’ve seen him. However, looking back to when I started at the lake feels like a blink of an eye and that was about 3 months ago. How does that work? He’s been gone for almost 7 weeks and that feels like an eternity compared to how long I worked at the lake… which was a longer amount of time.  It is rather odd how your heart makes things more complicated.

Here is my current favorite by A&J Stone for your listening pleasure:


xo, bear

ps – How do you feel about the new look of the blog? Eh eh?

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May 26, 2010

Daisy Nails

That’s right. I have daisy nails. And, I love it!

Happy Spring!

xo, s

May 24, 2010

Afternoon on a Hill

I will be the gladdest thing
Under the sun!
I will touch a hundred flowers
And not pick one.

I will look at cliffs and clouds
With quiet eyes,
Watch the wind bow down the grass,
And the grass rise.

And when lights begin to show
Up from the town,
I will mark which must be mine,
And then start down!

Afternoon on a Hill – Edna St. Vincent Millay

xo – s

May 23, 2010

More Art Journal Lovelies!

So, Flickr has let me down. I can’t upload any more photos there until the 1st of June since I’m not paying for it. Wah wah. So I’ll show you all some pages here. Take that Flickr!

This batch was incredible freeing! It was great to take some of the pain I’ve been feeling and use it to produce beautiful creations.

14 days. Two weeks until Andrew comes home. Praise God. We’re fairly undone over it. Waiting and patience has always never been a strong point of mine. I’ll be so relieved to have my other half home with me.

I’ve also set a new goal for these two weeks: do yoga/pilates every day for at least 30 minutes. I’m pretty optimistic about this. Yoga helps me get emotions out and, at the risk of sounding cliche, does help me to become more centered. It’s a good time to pray and focus on being in the moment. Often I find myself scattered and stressed rather than relaxed and ready for things. I’m looking forward to focusing energy into something super productive. Plus it’s good for my body! Woohoo!

I’ll have more photos to share tomorrow. Dad and I went up on the parkway to Jack’s last night. Gorgeous.

good night for now. xo – shan

May 19, 2010

Oh my!!

I’m out running errands today, rather mundane tasks, daydreaming about Andrew when my phone rings. It’s him (excitement). He asked me how I felt about a date night on July 15th. Naturally I’m down for a date with my beloved. Then he asks me what I’m doing tomorrow and Friday… I think, you’re in Africa, why? He says he needs me to be home to sign for something coming in the mail which may be delivered on either of those days.

… Okay, what are you up to?

He says, “well, I got tickets to a show at the Orange Peel.”

*dramatic pause*

We’re going to see Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros!!!!

Eeeeeek! So excited! I think Andrew might be the greatest. Ever.

Our favorite is a song called “Home”

Enjoy my dears! xo – S

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May 17, 2010


I pretty much need this in my life!

xo – s

May 16, 2010

Night Owl

I really am a night owl. I work best at night… professionally, creatively, theologically, philosophically…etc.

I kinda dig it.

Tonight I’ve been thinking about the mountain. I love it up there. It’s my favorite place to be, up high, away from the valley. Away from everyone, the bustle of the cities, car fumes, honking horns, industry, box stores, distractions.

You enter a new world when you’re on top of a mountain (not just because of limited oxygen). You wind up, climbing foot upon foot, increasing altitude, away from it all. To (in my case) familiar but exciting and unknown places. You see, you can go to one place in the woods and know it by heart. It’s the same. Constant. But, you never know what you’ll find. Maybe you’ll meet another hiker along the trail and in turn make a friend. You bond with strangers when you’re out in the wilderness. Maybe you’ll see a fawn or a wee fox. Maybe you’ll see an owl or a hawk. You just never know what you’ll run into. So it can be the most familiar place, like home, but still with the mystery of the unknown.

It’s quite brilliant actually.

I thought I’d share a few photos of my home away from home. Where my heart truly lies – among these trees:

Doesn’t that just make you happy in your heart? I’m longing for the high peaks and strong oaks.

Goodnight my dears. Xo- Shan

May 13, 2010

40 dogs

[we’re like good times that haven’t happened yet, but will]

I miss this handsome man right here. Andrew, I’m ready for our good times to be real again rather than memories that show up like ghosts around town. Let’s make new memories soon k? Can we take a duck mosey, eh eh? I love you. Mucho. Por siempre.

[come home soon] xoxoxox – S

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May 13, 2010

Fairy Tales and the like

Good morning, lovelies! Ah, it’s so nice to know that I have a ton of stuff to do today but I have a moment to enjoy the peace. It’s sooo foggy in the mountains this morning! I love fog, it’s like being in clouds, which allows my imagination to run wild.  It takes me to places like this…

Don’t those just make your heart happy? It just makes me think of being in a fairy tale, I love being romanced that way. Between A & my sweet Jesus I think I’m all set. *sigh*

Happy Thursday! xo – S

May 10, 2010

Art Journal Lovelies

Buenos dias amigos! Today is my first day not at work, I’m taking the entire day to create and explore my style of journaling. I signed up for an art class hosted by Elsie and Rachel, which is really really freeing! Do you ever get bogged down and feel like you’ve been blocked creatively for a long time? Even your photos are lacking the gusto they once had?

I was totally there. I’m so thankful for this class and the accountability that goes along with it. I wanted to share a few peeks of my journal with you…

I’m so excited about these! I think they turned out so well!

Happy Monday, friends! Enjoy the gorgeous sunshine!

xo. shannon