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November 30, 2010

Our Tree

We finally made our tree! We don’t have much storage space in our little house and we have some clothes. It’s a fact of life. So, in order to cope we have to be really creative with our storage.

Andrew landscapes and he finds all kinds of treasures on the job. He came home with an old gray pallet from behind a building somewhere and I fell in love with the wood.

We’ve been working on our room, since apparently when you move your bedroom is the last thing you complete decorating… We have this bare wall between our closet and the bathroom door. I kept looking at it thinking, what can we do with this?

We can make a tree!!!

So, that’s what we did.







And there you have it. Our sweet tree! I think it looks kin to a birch or poplar. Maybe it’s just because I really dig those trees though.

Happy Tuesday eve!

xo. owl & tree

November 29, 2010

I’ve got to stop staying up so late

I’ve been working on our website and our blog! It’s been so much fun but it’s also taken a lot of my attention. When I’m not playing with the 2’s and 3’s or cleaning, I’m dedicated to the business. I think that we’re at a point where the site is pretty well established and blogging is just fun so that is no big :] It makes me so happy in my heart to be able to see this dream realized.

Especially with my beloved.


Goodness, I’m sleepy and coming off of the break is really messing with my sleeping schedule. I’m a night owl by nature and am better suited to staying up till 1 or 2 and getting up around 9. Alas, a day job does not allow for a schedule such as that. Going on about 6 hours of sleep is okay for a couple of days but by tomorrow I’ll probably start to crash.I’m an 8 hours a night kind of girl. It keeps me pretty.

Goodnight friends, happy dreams!

xo. owl

November 26, 2010

Our official site is live!

Oh, my goodness! I’ve been harboring this secret for far too long! It’s finally time to tell you guys, fox and owl is finally live!

Our official .com site is! Yes, I know I’m posting this at 3:45 in the morning and it’s totally Black Friday… but am I going shopping?


Am I up right now because I want to go shopping?


I’m merely still up because Andrew and I decided to bite the bullet and hit it tonight after dinner and here I am! Announcing that we’re live! So, do me a favor


Give us feedback! Let us know, do you dig the site? Do you like the layout? Is it too text heavy? Hook us up with your thoughts!

xo. s, a, & a live f&o website

November 25, 2010


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year! It just so happens that it’s Andrew’s (special post coming soon about our 4 month anniversary) favorite as well! What the heck? Match made in heaven. I think I’m an Indian this year, like we were at school. Every year I try to decide which one I feel like more, a pilgrim or indian. This year, totally Indian.

Today I’ll be reflecting over the past year and changes in my life that I am thankful for and the things I should be thankful for so I’m not over looking anything!

Enjoy today, friends. I hope you’re with people that love you and that the food you enjoy is perfectly delicious!


xo. owl

1) Andrew

2) A warm home

3) A wonderful family
4) A sweet Angus kitten sleeping on my lap
the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on
November 23, 2010

Chocolate and Wine

I think one of our favorite combinations is chocolate and wine.  The night Andrew asked me to be his girlfriend (yes, he really did use that terminology, it was too precious) we enjoyed chocolate and wine that he had randomly won on a radio station contest. When we were at Walmart the other night they had Oak Leaf wine on sale for like 2 bucks… we couldn’t resist. No matter how bad it may be, we had to get it. It was 2 bucks, come on!

So tonight we’re at Kmart (apparently we’re all about the box stores these days, or perhaps that is where the sales are) and these little beauties are on sale. 2 for 6 bucks.

Tonight we’ve had an evening of editing, sorting, drinking and eating. These little babies are SO GOOD! If you’re a dark chocolate lover (can we talk about antioxidants?) I will whole heartedly recommend these to you. They’re lovely and so tasty! Plus, the wine is gone. And we’re almost done sorting these photos with about 20 edited so far! So jazzed for an extremely productive evening!

Happy early Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite!

xo. s & cheap wine & expensive chocolate

November 21, 2010

No name

Andrew and I went out today and took a few shots with the new canon. It still has no name… so that’s what we’re calling it.

No name.

I just hope it doesn’t stick. I mean it does take fantastic photos, so it must be name worthy. I’m excited for what we do name it, because I want to recover it’s strap. Ira still needs his strap recovered. It’s a project I’m going to try and get to tomorrow. Seeing the canon strap is okay for a while but it gets old.

Here are a few goodies from today’s mini shoot:

I’m in love with no name and this barn! We’re using it for a family shoot tomorrow, it’s pretty perfect for their style too. One thing that gives me a lot of joy is to be able to provide our clients with locations that suit them. It’s so great to see their faces light up when they see the location and then the finished product! *Sigh* happy heart!

I’ll leave you with this song tonight.

xo. s & no name & iron and wine

November 19, 2010

If I could add one thing

If I could have added one thing to our wedding it would have been having an owl be our ring bearer. How magical is this idea? Meet Ollie the barn owl!


Of course, we would have had to have been in England for this grand event to happen but… I wouldn’t have objected to that either. The only place I know of that does this is Peckforton Castle in Cheshire.

Maybe for our 5th year anniversary?

*Sigh* A girl can dream…

Happy Friday! When I get off work I’m going home to watch Pocahontas and snuggle with our kitten cat. And NOT wash the dishes which are begging for it and have been for, oh about… 2 days.

xo. s & begging dishes

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November 18, 2010

A little addition…

Andrew and I have to announce a new addition to our family.

Can you guess what it is?

Can you?

No, we’re not pregnant. We got a new wee Canon! Best Buy has been running a special and we snapped up a new Canon EOS! So, now we have Ira and we need to name this new beauty. The battery is charging, the strap is waiting to be put on (which I will recover as soon as we name it), a fresh 8 gig memory card is in it’s slot, and light just waiting to be captured.


It’s like the new car smell that everyone loves. Or the new gun that my dad gets. Or the new pipe that Andrew gets. Or that perfect pair of shoes, girls you know what I’m saying. That’s what my love for cameras is like.

Right? Say what? Cameras?


But it’s true. The geek in me just totally loves them! And, I’m so very okay with that!

I’m also super jazzed about the new private practice tonight. I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to be friends after the episode that was done in bad taste. Can’t even handle it. But, I think we might be okay. I’m working on forgivingness.

I have sewing to do. I’m so stoked on our final decision with packaging for Fox & Owl it’s just so flipping cute, personal, green, and re-usable!

Happy Thursday Eve!

xo. S

November 16, 2010

Iron & Wine

Last night A and I went to see Iron & Wine at the Orange Peel with a few of our good friends. They played some of the most fantastic music… I just love them anyways. But, they shook it up and got a little jazz band with it. I liked how you could never tell which song was coming next, they’re so mellow and have so many layers to their music that the jazz band feel kept you guessing. I love to see talent expand in that way! It was refreshing and magical! We didn’t take any photos which means I get to leave you with some songs. Sorry if you’re sick of seeing these youtube videos up… I’m just all about the music right now! I’m embracing it!

Two favorites:

I hope you enjoy those two. They’re delightful!

We also have some new photos up on Fox & Owl. We did an engagement (our very first one, shout out to Erin and Jeff for making it happen) session over the weekend in Asheville. It was so much fun! I’m always pleasantly surprised by how many of the photos turn out almost exactly the way we wanted them to! Editing is so much fun too, having their vision come to life on the screen is so rewarding! Head over to our portfolio page and check it out!

Happy almost Wednesday!

xo. owl

November 12, 2010

The Animal Print Shop

In all of my blog reading I’ve stumbled upon this lovely little shop. As I was browsing through the prints I found an owl photo!!!! Check it out…

Isn’t it wonderful?! When I was first looking around I thought they were drawn. Perhaps by colored pencil… but upon closer inspection, they’re photographs! I just love this one, it’s so magical. Look at those soulful eyes! Here are a few of my other favorites

Aren’t these the most precious animal photos ever? I love love love the sweet innocence captured of the lamb and porcupine! The photos are taken by a woman named Sharon Montrose. She has a great page on her website that goes into detail about how she came to photograph animals and where she gets her subjects. You should check it out! It’s pretty magical. I think A and I would have so much fun taking photos of wild and domestic animals! Maybe we can find some foxes and owls? Eh eh?

Happy Friday!

xo. S