Goals Goals Goals

Hiya from crazy weather NC mountains! It’s been snowy, sleety, icy, and now rainy. I’ve heard several complaints about it, but it just makes me giggle. My typical response to any given weather angst is “welcome to the mountains”. I was home bound again today because my cold is making a comeback and I’m determined to be well before any festivities. I listened to a lot of this (see video) song and I think I feel better because of it!

I have sooo many goals to reach before Christmas! I have like, what? 8 days or so? I’m PUMPED! Bring on the pressure! I have:
-to be completely not sick
-last minute shopping to attend to, one is with my Papa so we can get Andrew the perfect present. I can’t wait to see his face when he opens it! Eeeek!
-tons of baking to do and thank you’s to write.
– a lot of photos to edit and client packages to put together
-last minute handmade gifts for the party tomorrow night, honoring 3 Mimms family members
-wrapping up loose ends at work
-share photos of Kelly’s present since I finished it last night and it’s precious

We also have a few business goals to reach for Fox & Owl Studio… I’ll let you know about those a little later. We’re so stoked for these dreams coming true!

Last night we spent some time with my brother in law, Dustin! It was a lot of fun. We ended up with Amos on Main Street climbing sculptures, slipping on ice, and checking out old stair cases. One of my favorite things to do with Andrew and Dustin is walk aimlessly and see what we can come up with. Sometimes it’s so nice not to have an agenda or a schedule. It gives you a chance to create, see new things… spend time with kids you love to death without anything to take away from the magic.

Happy Almost Friday and birthday fun!

xo. shannon


One Comment to “Goals Goals Goals”

  1. A stellar list of goals, my friend! And what a great song to accompany them! Good luck on your weekend plans!

    Raised By Wolves

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