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January 5, 2011

Additon to 5 Favorites!!

After I posted up my 5 Favorites today I got a surprise present which MUST be added to the list. My dad brought by an owl wind chime. It sounds lame but wait until you see it…

Eeeek! I L-O-V-E it! It’s the perfect blend of colors for our house and it makes such a sweet sound when the wind catches it. Right now it’s above the door going to our bedroom, just so I can look at it all the time. *Sigh*

I also completed  my first painting today. I’ll post it up later!

xo Shannon & Owl Chime



December 18, 2010

Post Birthday!

We had THE best time with the family last night for the birthday celebrations! We went to Bonefish Grill in Asheville for supper. It’s one of our favorite places to eat! They have an appetizer called Muscles Josephine that are out of this world. The sauce is something to marvel at… like you want to take a bath in it. It’s that good. Not even joking. We were so tickled because they put “Happy Birthday, Carl, Nathan & Kelly” on the specials menu (handed out to every table) which was such a lovely touch! Everyone was pumped. It felt like the whole place new we were coming in for a celebration and everyone wanted to join it. So great!

After we ate we ended up at my parent’s house for cake and presents! I know I’ve gone on and on about how I love to give gifts rather than be given them but last night was so magical. Everyone got what they wanted and then something they didn’t know they wanted but were so thrilled to receive anyway. You know that way? I love it!

Now, I want to share some photos with you. BUT I have to warn you… mom and I decorated the cake. Disclaimer: we’ve never been great at cake decoration… or cutting. When I was turning one my mom tried to cut my cake with dental floss to not mess up the decoration. Yeah. God love her, but it was a terrible idea. Just like us trying to decorate this cake. Kelly requested white with chocolate frosting. It says “Happy Bday Nay & Kelly”. It looks like this:

Right? At least it tasted good!! The baking thing we have down, at least mom and I can have that star to put on our crowns! Here are a few more favorite shots:

This one is my absolute favorite! Dad was trying to keep Kelly from blowing out the candles (we all give her a hard time in some way or another) and she’s trying to get around him and they’re all cracking up!

He looks like a creeper, on purpose. Yes, that is the owl I made sitting on the table!

Here she is! My very very first owl. Kelly loved it! I also made her a flower rose clip (on the owl’s ear). What do you guys think?

Nathan rocking the flower clip. It suits him ;]

Thanks for sharing this with me, friends! I’ll share more photos of the owl later. I’m so excited to show you how it turned out! Eeek!

xoxo Shannon

November 19, 2010

If I could add one thing

If I could have added one thing to our wedding it would have been having an owl be our ring bearer. How magical is this idea? Meet Ollie the barn owl!


Of course, we would have had to have been in England for this grand event to happen but… I wouldn’t have objected to that either. The only place I know of that does this is Peckforton Castle in Cheshire.

Maybe for our 5th year anniversary?

*Sigh* A girl can dream…

Happy Friday! When I get off work I’m going home to watch Pocahontas and snuggle with our kitten cat. And NOT wash the dishes which are begging for it and have been for, oh about… 2 days.

xo. s & begging dishes

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August 30, 2010

Ah, the flea market

We went to the flea market on Sunday! I haven’t been to one in ages and was a little intimidated at first. It’s hard to shop around and have people trying to get you over to their table and barter with you when you first walk up but, once you get used to it… you can rock the heck out of it. Andrew and I ended up with 3 vintage owls, a 60’s aqua radio, and a 50s aqua clock. Kind of amazing.

Eeeeek! I have to clean some of them up a bit still but, they are too cute. We also found an owl sugar dish and an old medicine cabinet. We thought it was a mirror at first and were thrilled to find out that it was, in fact, a medicine cabinet! We’re going to clean it up and paint it and I’ll post some photos of it. Sooo excited! I love watching our little house become a home as we make it more our style with thrifted and vintage items. *happy heart*

xo – S & A