No name

Andrew and I went out today and took a few shots with the new canon. It still has no name… so that’s what we’re calling it.

No name.

I just hope it doesn’t stick. I mean it does take fantastic photos, so it must be name worthy. I’m excited for what we do name it, because I want to recover it’s strap. Ira still needs his strap recovered. It’s a project I’m going to try and get to tomorrow. Seeing the canon strap is okay for a while but it gets old.

Here are a few goodies from today’s mini shoot:

I’m in love with no name and this barn! We’re using it for a family shoot tomorrow, it’s pretty perfect for their style too. One thing that gives me a lot of joy is to be able to provide our clients with locations that suit them. It’s so great to see their faces light up when they see the location and then the finished product! *Sigh* happy heart!

I’ll leave you with this song tonight.

xo. s & no name & iron and wine


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