Smell that?

It smells like fall! Ah, it is my absolute favorite! I think the best thing of summer is the anticipation of fall.

I want to find a bench like this and read lovely books and use wonderful fall leaves for bookmarks.

Going up on the Parkway to be with my mountains when they’re clothed with His glory.

I’m really jazzed about taking pictures like this myself in the coming weeks. Andrew and I can’t wait for our first autumn together! I’m already feeling the autumn wanderlust! Eeek!

xo – shannon


3 Comments to “Smell that?”

  1. Ahhhh. This made me smile. My autumn will consist of still being in the sun, at the pool, in the heat, wondering “What month is this again?” Palm trees don’t change colors and shed their leaves friend. Bummer huh? Oh well. At least I’ll be there to visit at Christmas! That’s my FAVORITE!!! Until then I’ll just enjoy the mountains (and autumn) through your pictures. Maybe if I sit in front of the fridge while I look at them and put on a sweater I”ll get the same effect?… :D

    • Friend, I miss you. You should come visit during fall and we can go play on the mountain! We’ll take a picnic and the instax and have a grand time! Let’s have a phone date soon!
      Love love love!

  2. Hi! I am in your home ec class and saw your blog on flickr. :) I love Fall too!! i can’t wait! i actually blogged about Fall not long ago too. :) it is my favorite time of the year I think. HOw are your projects coming?

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