A few lovely things…

Good Saturday Morning! Just a quick little post for the morning. So far Angus has tasted my coffee, fresh out of the percolator, and huffed and sneezed it out of his nose, looked at me and the cup with disdain and took off for a drink of water. I’m debating on how to feel about this. Especially the disdainful look. Should I be glad that he doesn’t like coffee since there will never be a cat trying to drink from my cup? Or should I be bummed because I love coffee so much and he’s not cool enough to love it with me?


Second is on the HUGE tulip poplar we have in the yard. A few bunches of leaves are beginning to turn YELLOW! I’m so excited! They’re lovely and I’m looking forward to playing in them when they start to fall!

Third is this lovely sign:I think it’s pretty fabulous. Andrew and I are going to find some great fabric for me today so I can get busy on a few projects. Christmas is coming quickly and I have some ideas that are super exciting… as long as I can actually turn them out! Ha!

Oh, and it’s actually going to be in the 70s today with a maybe thunderstorm. Welcome Fall!

xo. S

Happy Saturday, friends!

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One Comment to “A few lovely things…”

  1. Hey Shannon, its Michael! Hope all is well, haven’t talked to you in awhile and heard Jack and Diane on the radio yesterday and thought of you. Awesome blogging going on, I’m gonna try to start some blogging, so we’ll see how well it goes.

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