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January 12, 2011

5 Favorite Things!

Hiya! I’m so excited to share 5 of my favorite things!

1. Sparkle shoes! I’m really loving the idea of some pretty sparkle shoes!

Oh my word, these blue pumps make me want to wear heels. I’m normally a flats kind of girl but… for these…

2. Fun make up trends for winter 2011! I’ve been playing around with make up (especially eye shadow and blush) and I love love love the look for this season!

I love the color on the eyes in the top photo and how they pop! The bottom one makes my heart melt for how lovely and natural!

3. I love coffee, right? A lot of people ask me what I like to make it in so I thought I’d share. I use a stove top percolator. And, upon shopping around for another one I came across these beauties!

4. Today Andrew and I are going to do a little sledding, my favorite kind is the toboggan! It’s SO fun!

5. A. E. Horton, I love that right now you’re off having boy time and snowboarding. I also love that you called me to tell me how fun it was and that you love me! You’re pretty much the greatest thing to include me in your macho-guy-time-snowboarding day! Forever ♥!

Thanks for stopping in to share these with me! Time for more percolator shopping and snow watching!

xo S




January 5, 2011

Additon to 5 Favorites!!

After I posted up my 5 Favorites today I got a surprise present which MUST be added to the list. My dad brought by an owl wind chime. It sounds lame but wait until you see it…

Eeeek! I L-O-V-E it! It’s the perfect blend of colors for our house and it makes such a sweet sound when the wind catches it. Right now it’s above the door going to our bedroom, just so I can look at it all the time. *Sigh*

I also completed  my first painting today. I’ll post it up later!

xo Shannon & Owl Chime



January 5, 2011

5 Favorite Things!

Hiya! I’m excited to share this weeks 5 favorites with you!

1. Reaching my 1 year anniversary and hosting my very first giveaway is pretty much amazing. Totally makes the 5 favorite list. By the bye, don’t forget to enter in the giveaway!

2. Fawns. I’m so in love with sweet little fawns!

3. Mumford and Sons. I’ve been listening to them almost nonstop this week. They’re so great!

4. Headbands! I’ve been enjoying looking around etsy at sweet little headbands. I’m in love with these beauties:




5. Mr. A Horton, maybe or maybe not, I used your man deoderant today. Love smelling like you. And, thanks for supporting me though out the process of making some dreams come true. You’re my biggest fan, and it makes me feel incredible when you share excitement over new creations! L-o-v-e you, para siempre.

Thanks for sharing these with me! I hope you’re enjoying a sweet Wednesday afternoon. We’re expecting MORE snow! Can’t flipping wait!

xoxo Shannon

December 30, 2010

5 Favorite Things!

Ready for a new five favorites? I am!

1. Vintage paint by numbers! I love love love them!


2. Coffee. I can’t tell you how much coffee has gotten me through this super cold winter so far!

This is my dad’s percolator Jr. I took this photo when we were up on the parkway in early May last year. It was probably one of the better times we’ve had up there. And of course, we had Panacea coffee which our favorite local coffee shop/roasting company. Panacea has kept me happy and warm this season!

3. The snow!

4. I’m loving Danna Ray’s prints. They’re so elegant and simple, but I also feel like I’m right in the middle of the scene when I look at them. Magical! Here are a few of my favorites:


Mr. Horton, Thanks for taking a crazy adventure with me in the snow and taking us around town to do donuts and fishtail in parking lots. You’re kinda my hero. xoxo

That was fun! Happy New Years eve eve!

xoxo Shannon

December 23, 2010

5 Favorite Things!

I’m just a wee bit late with my 5 favorite things post, so with out further ado here goes!

1. We don’t have cable at our house but one evening at a friend’s house I saw this commercial. Yes, it’s a commercial. BUT! It makes me chuckle out loud every single time I see it.  Favorite line: “Tissue? *throws tissue box* Cry baby.” Enjoy!

2. I’ve been wanting a new vehicle for about a year. I love Subaru. My very first car was a Subaru GL-10, an ’84. It was two years older than me, and the car that my grandmother would drive me around Brevard in. We would go to McDonalds and get chicken nuggets and honey… so many memories in that car. So, I thought, why not get another one? Well, because they are oh so dreadfully out of our price range. Wah wah. SO! I rallied and decided that I’d like one of these:

Yep, a Bronco II. My dad has one and I l-o-v-e  looove it!

3. I love Ashley G’s art on Etsy. She has the most lovely prints and I love her style of drawing. This one is my favorite! It reminds me of Andrew and I.

4. Our Treepod! I finally made some sweet decorations for it (popsicle stick snowflakes, glitter camera and owl) and we finally have gifts under it! Since Andrew and I love to go green we used old newspapers, masking tape and twine for our gift wrapping this year. Here is a little peek (from my cell phone camera)!

5. Dearest Love, thanks for taking silly cell phone pictures with me in the car while we wait on my brother. You rock my world for letting me snap picture after picture and maintaining your patience. P.s. Your toboggan is kinda hot, just sayin’.

There you go guys!  I’ll be adding a special Christmas edition later this week! Happy Christmas to you all, I hope you enjoy yours as much as we’ll enjoy ours.

xoxo. Shannon


Ps. Our 6 month anniversary is on Christmas Eve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eeeek!

December 15, 2010

5 Favorite Things!

Hiya! I’m all cozy at home with a fire going and a great cup of coffee and our treepod lit and a sweet kitten and and and…

The list of lovely things goes on!

I’m SO pumped for this week’s 5 favorite things! My brother, sister and dad all have birthdays this week. Nathan and Kelly were born on the 17th, six years apart, and Dad’s is the 19th!



This is Nathaniel. Or Nathan, more affectionately known as Nay, even more irritatingly known as Your Highness. He’s my sweet brother with whom I share numerous inside jokes and quotes. He’s been one of the soul people in my life that I’ve always been able to count on to have my back and to hold my hand when I need it. Nay, I love dew. Happy Birthday!


This is Kelly Catherine. She’s my little sister, 10 years younger than I am. Which is crazy to me, but also really cool. She’s blonde, and acts like it (she’ll love that I just wrote that) but typically it’s more endearing than anything. She’s smart as a whip and beautiful. I think as an almost 14 year old that she’s growing into such a lovely and respectable lady. She makes me happy in my heart! Kelly, you might just be the best sister on the planet!  Happy Birthday!


This is my Daddy. Carl, Pilgrim, Uncle Bear, the list goes on. He’s the most remarkable man I know. He’s the only person in my life that I can share the woods with and have him really get it.  He’s taught me everything I know when it comes to knives, finding the perfect walking stick, game trails, hunter brownies, wildflowers, why cast iron is better than anything else, shooting, gun calibers, herbs, etc. He’s guarded but accessible, when you first get to know him. He has more depth and experience than most people you’ll ever meet. He says things like, “Rectum, hell killed ’em!” “Can’t dance and it’s too wet to plow.”  “Watch your top knot and keep your powder dry.” He’s the only person I know that can actually sing “Moriah” and do it well. And, he’s one of 4 people in my life that can make the same face as me at the same moment and finish my sentences. He’s the first guy I could love without abandon, who held me as a wee baby on the parkway and fed me wild strawberries and now who can teach me how to cook in my own house with my husband. Remarkable! I love you, Pa. Happy Birthday!


I’m loving this sweet little owl shirt. It’s so flipping adorable and it looks super comfortable! I’m hoping to find one like it in my daily travels!

Andrew Elliott Horton, thanks for making me giggle all the time. You’re lovely, especially when you’re Ramboing it up with a knife clenched between your teeth. To the moon!

I hope you’re enjoying your Wednesday evening. We’re supposed to get ice and snow tonight! I can’t wait!

xoxo. Shannon


December 8, 2010

5 Favorite Things

I’m excited to tell you guys that I’ve been working on a weekly feature called:

“5 Favorite Things”

This week 5 of my favorite things are


Nathan and Travis! I’ve been so horribly sick this week that I haven’t been able to see anyone. Nathan and Travis decided to come for a quick visit today to see me and cheer me up. Travis is home on leave but he leaves in a couple of days and then he’s off on deployment. I’m so jazzed that these two kids came to hang with me ♥



Today Andrew found one of those show tents, you know the ones that are SO tiny and adorable. He brought it home for me, I want to put it in the studio for fabric and fun storage but Angus claimed it. He is TOO cute!


These Simple Shoe boots! I have a thing for boots, especially high boots. I’ve never really liked the ankle boots though. That is until I saw these! They’re too precious and they’re eco-friendly!



DayQuil. It has saved me from utterly succumbing to this cold/flu of death. It absolutely has been one of my favorite things this week!


Andrew! He’s my favorite thing, ever. So he’ll always be included in this list. However, I’ll be writing a letter to him rather than just posting something about him.

Andrew, I love your hair after 4 days without a shower. And, I love that you’ve declined a shower for 4 days. You rock my world. I love you to the moon and back!

Thanks for sharing these with me! I’ll make it a regular addition to the blog each week!

xo. Shannon