5 Favorite Things!

Hiya! I’m so excited to share 5 of my favorite things!

1. Sparkle shoes! I’m really loving the idea of some pretty sparkle shoes!

Oh my word, these blue pumps make me want to wear heels. I’m normally a flats kind of girl but… for these…

2. Fun make up trends for winter 2011! I’ve been playing around with make up (especially eye shadow and blush) and I love love love the look for this season!

I love the color on the eyes in the top photo and how they pop! The bottom one makes my heart melt for how lovely and natural!

3. I love coffee, right? A lot of people ask me what I like to make it in so I thought I’d share. I use a stove top percolator. And, upon shopping around for another one I came across these beauties!

4. Today Andrew and I are going to do a little sledding, my favorite kind is the toboggan! It’s SO fun!

5. A. E. Horton, I love that right now you’re off having boy time and snowboarding. I also love that you called me to tell me how fun it was and that you love me! You’re pretty much the greatest thing to include me in your macho-guy-time-snowboarding day! Forever ♥!

Thanks for stopping in to share these with me! Time for more percolator shopping and snow watching!

xo S





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