5 Favorite Things!

Hiya! I’m excited to share this weeks 5 favorites with you!

1. Reaching my 1 year anniversary and hosting my very first giveaway is pretty much amazing. Totally makes the 5 favorite list. By the bye, don’t forget to enter in the giveaway!

2. Fawns. I’m so in love with sweet little fawns!

3. Mumford and Sons. I’ve been listening to them almost nonstop this week. They’re so great!

4. Headbands! I’ve been enjoying looking around etsy at sweet little headbands. I’m in love with these beauties:




5. Mr. A Horton, maybe or maybe not, I used your man deoderant today. Love smelling like you. And, thanks for supporting me though out the process of making some dreams come true. You’re my biggest fan, and it makes me feel incredible when you share excitement over new creations! L-o-v-e you, para siempre.

Thanks for sharing these with me! I hope you’re enjoying a sweet Wednesday afternoon. We’re expecting MORE snow! Can’t flipping wait!

xoxo Shannon


One Comment to “5 Favorite Things!”

  1. i 100% agree with all of these things! I LOVE the mumford and sons, they rock my world! :)

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