1 Year & Giveaway!

Eeeek! I’m so excited! Today is the one year anniversary of shannon*bear! In honor of my one year anniversary I’ll be giving away one pound of coffee from Panacea Coffee House!

It’s seriously the BEST coffee around WNC, I’m super excited! All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me, where is your favorite place to enjoy a cup of coffee? I’ll announce the winner on Friday this week!

Good luck!

xoxo Shannon



8 Comments to “1 Year & Giveaway!”

  1. Congratulations!!
    1 year? awesome …
    My fave place for coffee?
    Every morning when I stumble out of bed I walk to the living room, sit on my side of the couch and my sweet husband brings me coffee and then sits and reads with me.
    THAT is the BEST place to enjoy coffee….

  2. When I lived back at WCU, there was this place called “The cat’s nip cafe”. Best coffee hands down. I live four hours away and sadly can’t get a cup.

  3. My favorite place to have a cup of coffee is (believe it or not) at Olive Garden. They seriously have the BEST coffee I’ve ever had. Plus, it’s a special place for Josh and I since it’s where we have had (and still have) a lot of date nights enjoying their fantastic coffee. I just like the atmosphere with the Italian music playing and the low lights and all. Good times. :)

  4. I think I have an unfair advantage. :-)

    An actual place? Probably Cup A Joe, because you know it’s where the good coffee is since all of the college kids are there writing their papers.

    Best cup of coffee, ever? Toby. Hands down.

    (Consider the gauntlet thrown.)

    Love you!

  5. Hello ! That is super weird that my email button isn’t working!
    Send me an email here : 098585c@acadiau.ca

  6. my favorite place is…..well, I have two. Stumptown and Sisters Coffee Company. Both local to Oregon :)

  7. well since there are no coffee houses around here, my favorite place to have coffee is right here every morning in front of my computer catching up on blogs, email, etc before heading off to work :)

  8. I guess my favorite was a small coffee house at 5 points in Columbia, SC. I was there with co-workers back in the day and we were having a great evening talking about work and everything else. The coffee and company were great. But the funniest thing was my best friend Lisa Hughes having Baileys Irish Cream with her coffee. She was very particular about how much Baileys and how much coffee and then how much cream – and every time she would get it just right, the waitress would come by while she wasn’t paying attention and add more coffee to her cup, which then just totally messed everything up. And she would get so pissed –but since she was never paying attention – it happened like 5 times! Funny!

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