Year End Review

Since I had SO much happen this year I thought it would be fun to do my very first year end review! I’m going to try to do it with one photo that sums up each month. We’ll see. Here goes!

In January I decided to make this blog. It started out being a 365 day project, with a photo a day, finding the beautiful. It started with this post and a photo of a pomegranate martini! Unfortunately the moment that summed up January for us was the loss of our beloved Auntie. Sad day, but her release from the pain was (is) a blessing. She was lovely.

In February I left my job as a Pre-K teacher to embark on a marketing journey. It was fun and it taught me a lot of what I do want and what I do not want in a job. Invaluable. And of course, the friends I made are irreplaceable and wonderful people! I also met me beloved. Over coffee, at Panacea. Of course. I was also published in Smoky Mountain Living magazine, for a photo I took on the parkway. Kind of a great month!

In March we contiuned to fall in love and go on adventures. Always on adventures! We took more photos than you can shake a stick at and enjoyed the last vestiges of snow.

In April we participated in TOMS “One Day Without Shoes” and went all day barefoot. At work, when Nathan got his hair cut, walking around the lake. It was a magical and humbling experience. Andrew also left for Africa that month. H-A-R-D. I blogged about a lot of emotional things that were going on in my life at that time. With my family and with my beloved being gone. Goodness, me. This image of Andrew from skype literally sums up how we spent our time apart from working. With each other.

In May I started art journaling. It was (is) one of the best ways to journal for me! I l-o-v-e it! It helped me document more personal aspects of Andrew being gone and hopes for the future. I love looking back at it, it’s so special!  I also spent a lot more time in the woods. Mostly with my dad but also on clandestine meetings of my own making.

In June Andrew came home to me! Not only that, but we were engaged that month! Yippeeee!

In July we got MARRIED! It makes me blush a little!

In August we went on our honeymoon to Savannah, GA and we ended in my favorite Charleston, SC. We actually tied in with my parents in Charleston. Right? Who does that on their honeymoon? We do :] I also turned 24!

In September we fell more in love , if that is possible and adjusted more to married life. In celebration we got a new wee kitten! Angus!!

Oh! October! Andrew turned 25 and we started Fox & Owl Photography (now Fox & Owl Studio)! We were able to realize a dream that we’d had for a long time between the two of us, but even longer for me. I’ve always wanted to have a photography biz!

November brought us our first holiday and our newest Canon, Amos! We also got to see Iron & Wine at the Orange Peel! It was a delight!

December was family love and Christmas. Our very first married Christmas which was also our anniversary. Can I tell you a secret? We decided on July because it’s not a big month, really. It’s not a birthday month for either of us and it’s not a big holiday month. We did that because we wanted our anniversary set apart from everything else. Little did we consider that the 24th is always Christmas Eve and sometimes Thanksgiving. Andrew whispered to me on Christmas Eve, “This might have been a GREAT idea!”. We’re just silly like that :]

Ah, such a great year! I can’t to take on 2011!!! What were some of your favorite moments from 2010?

xoxo Shannon


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