5 Favorite Things!

Ready for a new five favorites? I am!

1. Vintage paint by numbers! I love love love them!


2. Coffee. I can’t tell you how much coffee has gotten me through this super cold winter so far!

This is my dad’s percolator Jr. I took this photo when we were up on the parkway in early May last year. It was probably one of the better times we’ve had up there. And of course, we had Panacea coffee which our favorite local coffee shop/roasting company. Panacea has kept me happy and warm this season!

3. The snow!

4. I’m loving Danna Ray’s prints. They’re so elegant and simple, but I also feel like I’m right in the middle of the scene when I look at them. Magical! Here are a few of my favorites:


Mr. Horton, Thanks for taking a crazy adventure with me in the snow and taking us around town to do donuts and fishtail in parking lots. You’re kinda my hero. xoxo

That was fun! Happy New Years eve eve!

xoxo Shannon


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