5 Favorite Things!

I’m just a wee bit late with my 5 favorite things post, so with out further ado here goes!

1. We don’t have cable at our house but one evening at a friend’s house I saw this commercial. Yes, it’s a commercial. BUT! It makes me chuckle out loud every single time I see it.  Favorite line: “Tissue? *throws tissue box* Cry baby.” Enjoy!

2. I’ve been wanting a new vehicle for about a year. I love Subaru. My very first car was a Subaru GL-10, an ’84. It was two years older than me, and the car that my grandmother would drive me around Brevard in. We would go to McDonalds and get chicken nuggets and honey… so many memories in that car. So, I thought, why not get another one? Well, because they are oh so dreadfully out of our price range. Wah wah. SO! I rallied and decided that I’d like one of these:

Yep, a Bronco II. My dad has one and I l-o-v-e  looove it!

3. I love Ashley G’s art on Etsy. She has the most lovely prints and I love her style of drawing. This one is my favorite! It reminds me of Andrew and I.

4. Our Treepod! I finally made some sweet decorations for it (popsicle stick snowflakes, glitter camera and owl) and we finally have gifts under it! Since Andrew and I love to go green we used old newspapers, masking tape and twine for our gift wrapping this year. Here is a little peek (from my cell phone camera)!

5. Dearest Love, thanks for taking silly cell phone pictures with me in the car while we wait on my brother. You rock my world for letting me snap picture after picture and maintaining your patience. P.s. Your toboggan is kinda hot, just sayin’.

There you go guys!  I’ll be adding a special Christmas edition later this week! Happy Christmas to you all, I hope you enjoy yours as much as we’ll enjoy ours.

xoxo. Shannon


Ps. Our 6 month anniversary is on Christmas Eve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eeeek!


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