Christmas Wish List!

Hi there! I thought it was high time to post up a mini Christmas wish list to share with you!I like to give gifts more than get them but my family has been asking me for ideas so, here are a few things I’m drooling over!

This Canon camera lens coffee mug!

This beautiful camera bag from Jo Totes! It’s so housebreakingly beautiful. A camera bag to house your camera and a journal?! Amazing!!!

This circle scarf is so lovely from Eben Lemon! I love it in the extra long, there are too many adorable things you can do with it!

This little bow ring is so adorable! And these rose earrings are so so feminine. I just love them both!

And this vintage cape! I love love love the colors and flower pattern!

Well there you have it, a mini wish list! Speaking of, I have some plushies and chalkboards to make. I also learned how to make cloth roses today, time to practice and see what I can come up with! Eeek!

xo. Shannon


10 Comments to “Christmas Wish List!”

  1. That coffee mug is awesaweum! And camera bags are always nice, specially mustard yellow ones! You’ve got an impressive xmas list! Good taste my friend!

    Raised By Wolves

  2. Can we discuss how cute that camera bag is??? I love it…and your list! :)

  3. The coffee tumbler just freaks me out! I have crazy dreams, and I’m pretty sure the one I had the other day of leaving my camera in the shower and it being fried stemmed from these coffee mugs. Yes, I have crazy dreams, and I just can’t handle a simple mug!

    The camera bag, though? To die for. On one hand it would be nice to carry everything in, but on the other hand, I hate carrying all that stuff around during a shoot!

  4. So, if you get the cape (which is totally adorable btw), do you promise you’ll wear it with actual pants (or a longer skirt) instead of shorts that make it look like you aren’t wearing any pants?


    Love you soo much friend, and I would so buy you everything on your list if I had the money! :-)

  5. what a great list! love the bag and that cute bow ring! i know a couple of ladies that would love that!


  6. that coffee mug is AMAZING. i actually didn’t read the caption and almost panicked when I saw the photo “WHY ARE THE POURING COFFEE ON A LENS!?” haha.

  7. I just put the circle scarf on sale for 25% off and if you go to my blog you will find a coupon code for an additional 10% off!!! I thought you should know ;) -Emma, Eben Lemon

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