A Snowy Sunday

Hiya! Andrew and I have taken to sleeping late, having excellent cinnamon coffee and watching the snow fall outside. It’s be such a delicious morning! Especially after last night when we found out his truck is not as fixed as we had hoped. Alas, alack.

We’re also watching Letters to Juliet. Not even joking. I actually really dig this movie, perhaps it’s all of the Italian architecture, food and language? Italy is on my list. I’m actually thinking of learning a bit of Italian given the chance!

[I love the idea of Juliet’s love letter wall. Although I think my letter would just be a sickening mushy love letter.]

Photo of my week coming up later! Until then, have a happy Sunday afternoon!

xo. shannon


2 Comments to “A Snowy Sunday”

  1. I can teach you some basic Italian….at least enough to get you through a trip to Italia. :)

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