5 Favorite Things

I’m excited to tell you guys that I’ve been working on a weekly feature called:

“5 Favorite Things”

This week 5 of my favorite things are


Nathan and Travis! I’ve been so horribly sick this week that I haven’t been able to see anyone. Nathan and Travis decided to come for a quick visit today to see me and cheer me up. Travis is home on leave but he leaves in a couple of days and then he’s off on deployment. I’m so jazzed that these two kids came to hang with me ♥



Today Andrew found one of those show tents, you know the ones that are SO tiny and adorable. He brought it home for me, I want to put it in the studio for fabric and fun storage but Angus claimed it. He is TOO cute!


These Simple Shoe boots! I have a thing for boots, especially high boots. I’ve never really liked the ankle boots though. That is until I saw these! They’re too precious and they’re eco-friendly!



DayQuil. It has saved me from utterly succumbing to this cold/flu of death. It absolutely has been one of my favorite things this week!


Andrew! He’s my favorite thing, ever. So he’ll always be included in this list. However, I’ll be writing a letter to him rather than just posting something about him.

Andrew, I love your hair after 4 days without a shower. And, I love that you’ve declined a shower for 4 days. You rock my world. I love you to the moon and back!

Thanks for sharing these with me! I’ll make it a regular addition to the blog each week!

xo. Shannon


2 Comments to “5 Favorite Things”

  1. I’m liking the show tent. And I’m liking it even more because your cats name is Angus! Perfect!

    Raised By Wolves

  2. that cat tent is sooo awesome! and how cute is your little guy! modcloth has a kitty house that is pretty awesome…was thinking of getting for our little rosalita but i am sure like everyone we have bought she won’t use :)


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