The first snow

It feels pretty epic. It’s our first snow at our wee house, married. Snow is one of my favorite things next to Andrew, Autumn, and my Dad. This is my first snow away from my Dad actually. I had a moment, not joking, but it’s healthy I suppose. At least we’re in the same town, and we can send picture texts with coffee and eggs and bacon in them! Yes, my Dad and I totally do that, we’re that cool.

Dulce, our black and white cat, absolutely loves snow. Not even joking. At Mom and Dad’s, my brother and I took him out, after a rather impressive snow, and threw him in a huge drift. He flipped out, shook his paws, looked at us indignantly, and shuffled off inside the house. Later that day he meowed at the door to go out again, and we let him. From then on he loved it! Apparently it had to be on his terms, as so many other things are. So this morning, I have my coffee and he’s looking at me like,”Okay, I know what’s going on. When do I get to go out?” Some things never change. Regardless of where you are.

Angus is till to little to head out and there isn’t enough snow yet for him. Next time. So he delighted himself with a pencil on the floor.

And I have delighted myself with a showing of Robin Hood, cinnamon coffee, and my beloved. I’m hoping for about a foot of snow. It almost never happens but, I keep hoping anyway!

xo. shannon, snow, and kitten cats

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