Our Tree

We finally made our tree! We don’t have much storage space in our little house and we have some clothes. It’s a fact of life. So, in order to cope we have to be really creative with our storage.

Andrew landscapes and he finds all kinds of treasures on the job. He came home with an old gray pallet from behind a building somewhere and I fell in love with the wood.

We’ve been working on our room, since apparently when you move your bedroom is the last thing you complete decorating… We have this bare wall between our closet and the bathroom door. I kept looking at it thinking, what can we do with this?

We can make a tree!!!

So, that’s what we did.







And there you have it. Our sweet tree! I think it looks kin to a birch or poplar. Maybe it’s just because I really dig those trees though.

Happy Tuesday eve!

xo. owl & tree


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