I’ve got to stop staying up so late

I’ve been working on our website and our blog! It’s been so much fun but it’s also taken a lot of my attention. When I’m not playing with the 2’s and 3’s or cleaning, I’m dedicated to the business. I think that we’re at a point where the site is pretty well established and blogging is just fun so that is no big :] It makes me so happy in my heart to be able to see this dream realized.

Especially with my beloved.


Goodness, I’m sleepy and coming off of the break is really messing with my sleeping schedule. I’m a night owl by nature and am better suited to staying up till 1 or 2 and getting up around 9. Alas, a day job does not allow for a schedule such as that. Going on about 6 hours of sleep is okay for a couple of days but by tomorrow I’ll probably start to crash.I’m an 8 hours a night kind of girl. It keeps me pretty.

Goodnight friends, happy dreams!

xo. owl


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