Chocolate and Wine

I think one of our favorite combinations is chocolate and wine.  The night Andrew asked me to be his girlfriend (yes, he really did use that terminology, it was too precious) we enjoyed chocolate and wine that he had randomly won on a radio station contest. When we were at Walmart the other night they had Oak Leaf wine on sale for like 2 bucks… we couldn’t resist. No matter how bad it may be, we had to get it. It was 2 bucks, come on!

So tonight we’re at Kmart (apparently we’re all about the box stores these days, or perhaps that is where the sales are) and these little beauties are on sale. 2 for 6 bucks.

Tonight we’ve had an evening of editing, sorting, drinking and eating. These little babies are SO GOOD! If you’re a dark chocolate lover (can we talk about antioxidants?) I will whole heartedly recommend these to you. They’re lovely and so tasty! Plus, the wine is gone. And we’re almost done sorting these photos with about 20 edited so far! So jazzed for an extremely productive evening!

Happy early Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite!

xo. s & cheap wine & expensive chocolate


2 Comments to “Chocolate and Wine”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Shannon and Andrew! Love you both! :)

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