Iron & Wine

Last night A and I went to see Iron & Wine at the Orange Peel with a few of our good friends. They played some of the most fantastic music… I just love them anyways. But, they shook it up and got a little jazz band with it. I liked how you could never tell which song was coming next, they’re so mellow and have so many layers to their music that the jazz band feel kept you guessing. I love to see talent expand in that way! It was refreshing and magical! We didn’t take any photos which means I get to leave you with some songs. Sorry if you’re sick of seeing these youtube videos up… I’m just all about the music right now! I’m embracing it!

Two favorites:

I hope you enjoy those two. They’re delightful!

We also have some new photos up on Fox & Owl. We did an engagement (our very first one, shout out to Erin and Jeff for making it happen) session over the weekend in Asheville. It was so much fun! I’m always pleasantly surprised by how many of the photos turn out almost exactly the way we wanted them to! Editing is so much fun too, having their vision come to life on the screen is so rewarding! Head over to our portfolio page and check it out!

Happy almost Wednesday!

xo. owl


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