The Animal Print Shop

In all of my blog reading I’ve stumbled upon this lovely little shop. As I was browsing through the prints I found an owl photo!!!! Check it out…

Isn’t it wonderful?! When I was first looking around I thought they were drawn. Perhaps by colored pencil… but upon closer inspection, they’re photographs! I just love this one, it’s so magical. Look at those soulful eyes! Here are a few of my other favorites

Aren’t these the most precious animal photos ever? I love love love the sweet innocence captured of the lamb and porcupine! The photos are taken by a woman named Sharon Montrose. She has a great page on her website that goes into detail about how she came to photograph animals and where she gets her subjects. You should check it out! It’s pretty magical. I think A and I would have so much fun taking photos of wild and domestic animals! Maybe we can find some foxes and owls? Eh eh?

Happy Friday!

xo. S


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