It finally happened!

A lot of you have been asking why we’ve named not only ourselves but our business Fox & Owl. Well, it’s our love story.

That is my general reply.

But, as loaded as the statement is, it’s true. It is indeed our love story. I have several different influences regarding religion in my life. I’m a total Jesus lover, I’m not a Christian. I don’t associate myself with that term, I think religion ruins spirituality. So, I’m a Jesus lover but, I also have Native American influences. Owl is one of my totems. I found out on a crazy horrid evening when I found the Owl that was waiting for me. I won’t go into detail here, it’s too personal and not something I share with many people. In fact, the above isn’t something I typically share [woohoo for pushing boundaries].

So, the same event was true for Andrew and we began seeing foxes EVERYWHERE. It was a gift to find out he was a Fox. That being said, it was rare for us to see an Owl together. We saw one before he left for Africa, it was flying over us. There were a few other random various sightings also. Not that we weren’t over the moon about them, but… it was lacking something.

We went to deer camp to hunt and camp with my dad over the weekend. We had an amazing time. Going to the woods offers such a delicious refreshment for me, it’s amazing what it does for my spirit. Once we arrived we stopped at the wee bathhouse, [thank GOD there was one, I can’t pee in the woods to save my life, it’s the bane of my existence] we were driving around and looking, getting a feel for where we were in the dark. As we started back thru the gate to our site there was an Owl sitting in a pine tree.




So, we got the camera out. Of course. It sat there for the entire 15 pictures, opening and closing of doors, flash, and just general admiration.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Isn’t it beyond beautiful? *Sigh* It’s so heartwarming for A and I to have seen this wee beauty this weekend.

Happy Tuesday!

xo. S, A & Owl


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