Halloween Hippies

Happy Halloween! Andrew and I decided to go as hippies this year. We had a wee party last night at my friend Katie’s! We won best costume and a bottle of wine, so exciting, and we also carved a fox and owl pumpkin! It turned out great.

I took this with my phone, it stood up to the photo test pretty well this time. Andrew and I were impressed! We haven’t tried the wine yet but I’m hoping it will be wonderful.

We also had a mini photo shoot today with our costumes on. I got really tickled at work on Friday… we had our Halloween party at school right? So I come in dressed like this (see photos) and everyone looks at me and says, “So, Shannon… what are you?” It was too funny. I have feathers in my hair and a daisy chain on my head and a flower painted on my face. Apparently I can pull this off at any given time.


So, here are a few from the shoot today. Freaking love how Andrew looks!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Life is good. I hope you’re dress up weekend has been as great as ours! We’re looking forward to candy and movies tomorrow! Not scary ones though, simply because I don’t do scary movies.

xo. fox & owl


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