So… Friday is soon, right?

Hi friends! Can we talk about how ready I am for Friday? Seriously.

We’re having a Halloween party in our wee classroom tomorrow! I can’t wait to see all our kids dressed up. I think, since Halloween is SO not a favorite of mine, I look forward to seeing the kids dressed up because it brings back the sweet innocence of the holiday, when it was a thrill to dress up and pretend to be something fun and eat TONS of candy. I, by the way, will be a hippie. Not like that is hard for me, but I’m super excited about it!

After work Andrew and I are going to another party at our friend Katie’s house. We’re going to be an old married couple. It was totally my mom’s idea. Not. Even. Joking. She just called me up and got really excited about how she had figured out what we needed to be. It was pretty much amazing.

I’m hitting a couple of local thrift stores this afternoon to see what I can find for our costumes. Any excuse to go thrifting right? I’m so stoked!

xo. s


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