Monday, monday

Oh. My. Word.

It’s been over a week. I’ve been remiss! And busy.

Update: Andrew’s 4runner is out of commission until he can fix it (hopefully today) and we’re relying on my very not reliable turquoise bullet. Prayers are VERY much appreciated as we’re down to basically half a car at this point.

I have to say, that if his car was going to die at least it died in our friend, Ben’s yard. He lives waaaaay out in the tulies among barns and pastures. It’s like magic. I love it. And after spending two afternoons/evenings I’m very glad that it’s a lovely place. I also caught around 1458.3987530.03846780 crickets and grasshoppers. But, not the big ones. They’re creepy and bigger than my hand, so I’m out on those. I also saw a hawk, a white cow, and a listening tree. MAGIC!

Yesterday was our three month anniversary, so we celebrated with McDonalds at 8:00. I think a do-over is in order!

Ms. Libby has recommended the book, Eat, Pray, Love to me. It’s so good so far, it’s one of those books that you have to approach with an open mind. Except Libby and I. Simply because we’re the only two people we know who are totally taken by someone who’s mind works like ours. Until I discovered Andrew’s mind is like that too! To my delight we’ve been reading the book aloud to each other. I think it’s the most delicious sacrifice of time and effort a person can make, to read aloud. So, wonderful!

One quick and final note before I’m off to work – if you’re a coffee lover, you have GOT to check out Starbucks’ natural infusion coffee. The cinnamon is our absolute new favorite! And, if we can’t buy local for coffee we suck it up and get Starbucks… which for now, we’re okay with.

Happy Monday!

xo. S


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