Bookmarks, Pictures and the like

Andrew texted me at work today and asked me to make him a bookmark.

1- I flipping love how random my husband is!
2- Any excuse to paint!

I’m glad to say that it turned out how I hoped even though I wasn’t sure what I really wanted it to look like… does that make sense? Have a lookie:

He loves it, which makes me love it, which makes us happy. Yes, there is a fox and an owl in the tree. We just can’t help it! The back says “nature never did betray the heart that loved her” from Wordsworth.

You know, owls are my favorite and I’m completely in love with like this wee one here

How precious is she?! She’s from a blog I really enjoy – Skunkboy Creatures. There are soooo many sweet little owls, elephants, dinos, and hedgehogs she makes. Go take a look and have your heart warmed!

Last but not least Andrew and I have FINALLY gotten our pricing & packaging page the way we want it! It’s very tailored to our vision for the business in terms of language (we have actually packages now, which are titled “Kit” – baby fox- “Owlet” – baby owl – and “Fox & Owl”). They are quick and concise on what exactly to expect and amenities they each include! Of course, we’re open to our clients tailoring their package to suit them if they see something they want or something they don’t want. We’re so excited to see it finally come together in a way that reflects our style and vision! We’ve also added to our “Meet Your Photographers” page and added a small business page! Go check it out at Fox & Owl Photography!

I’m calling it an early night and going to get in bed and read my book and go to sleep before 11! I can’t wait. Plus, it’s supposed to be in the low 60’s tomorrow! Thank goodness fall is finally showing up again… maybe now I can put my summer clothes away? One can only hope!

xo. shannon and andrew


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