Holy Cow!!

Wow guys, thanks so much for all the support! We’ve received SO many emails and messages about bookings, shared excitement and just… joy! We’re so blessed – you guys ROCK our world and get 2 fist pumps and some leg shimmies for your support and love! Woop woop!

My car is broken. Again. So, if anyone knows of anyone selling a car (or giving one away… just sayin’) hook us up with info. Time for something new. I’m trying not to be totally sad about it, lots of memories in the turquoise bullet. I have Andrew taking me to work in the AM (absolutely loving the extra time with him) and my sweet Dad picking me up in the afternoon (totally digging Daddy time) PLUS – yes there is a plus – I’m getting about an extra 1.5 hrs in at work. So with all that in mind I have to keep thinking, where is the bad? We’re just praying for a break soon so we can become a two (and way more effective) car household. Having a huge part of your independence wrenched away from you is a huge transition. Trust your journey (right, Nicole?)!

Tonight is such a cozy evening. I’m so stoked on Autumn finally getting here and slow evenings with Andrew! It’s heartwarming! Plus, I finished a scarf tonight that I’m looking forward to showing off soon! With that I’m off, I’ll leave you, friends, with this wee song. It’s one of my favorites and it’s been stuck in my head all day.

xo. S

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One Comment to “Holy Cow!!”

  1. Been a single car family for one year and 11 months! And that car currently has 280,000 miles on it. You may remember it as my car from high school! I have gotten to use my sisters car this last month and a half and that’s been a total blessing. It’s definitely easier with two cars, but hey– those things are expensive! Our goal is to have a *real* car (one that has less than, say, 150k miles? Possibly even shiny?) by January.

    Good luck, and enjoy the extra time with Andrew!

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