So many things happening in the lives of the Hortons! Ah!

Okay, the tuquoise bullet finally started up again. We got it to my parent’s house and dad is going to take look at it to see if he can remedy its trust issues. [I promise Sunfire, I’m not trying to steal you.]

Andrew took me out tonight to teach me how to drive a stick. I only killed it once AND it was backing up hill because we were on gravel. SO PROUD! Since I’m so over this stupid Sunfire and I’m ready for a Subaru, the fact that I’ve been educated [albeit not comfortable quite yet] leaves me more room to play with options. How fun would a 5 speed wagon be? Seriously.

Our sweet friends, Leslie and Ryan, [they totally got married the same day we did, eeek!] hooked us up with a sweet table tonight! We had this really tall table with two stools, it was pretty sweet for about a week. Once you get used to it it’s kind of lame. This table is also round, but it’s low and has four chairs! Wooohooo! We got it unloaded and set up and we all had pie and coffee on it. I LOVE getting things like this and breaking them in with great friends and converstaion. Especially when it’s kindofbutnotreally late.

I’m sitting in the other room with Dulce. Silence. Then I hear my beloved start playing guitar and singing our love song, Just a Boy.


what a blessing

Life is good my friends, life is good.

I’m also super excited about reading this book. It is a recommendation from my friend, Libby. She is so very precious to me and I look up to her in such a way that is indescribable. Do you have someone in your life like that? I hope so. I think everyone needs a Libby of their own. She makes my heart sing!

Good evening friends. Enjoy this wee video and spend some time doing something you love this lovely Monday eve!

xo. S


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