Lazy (kinda) Saturday

I love Saturdays.

[Yesterday, my car died. It has this ridiculous theft system thing on it, which you apparently need the original radio to program (cuss) and of course we don’t have the original radio. So essentially it thinks I’m trying to steal it. I got this car – a Sunfire, which is turquoise and we call it the turquoise bullet – my jr year in college for about two grand. It has lived a long and good life. However, it’s clearly confused, I’m not trying to steal it as it’s mine. Sigh. I don’t know how to trip it so it will start. It will start and then die and the THEFT SYSTEM light flashes and mocks me. So it’s parked in the walmart parking lot and I’m driving the Buick that my parent’s were nice enough to loan to us. At least it happened at walmart and not at Black Balsam or in another town. Plus dad and A were there. I am not going to lie. I melted down over it. Who does that over a car, right? If it’s going to stop working, at least I was in great circumstances. I think it’s just been such a crazy and emotionally draining week that this last bloody thing was what I needed to flip out. I feel much better now. Any suggestions on the car? Or, know of anyone selling a good car?]

Andrew is off hunting with my dad, we’re hoping for a freezer full of deer as a result of today’s triumphant outing. We’ll see.

He and dad left this morning at 5:00 (ew) so I got up and hung out for a while with them before they left and then I went back to bed. Woke up at 7 then at 8 and again at 11. When I woke the third time I had a purring kitten at my ear – precious! At 11 I figured I’d pushed it far enough and got up. I’ve talked to my mom, done a load of laundry, watched Gilmore girls, and had coffee.

Excellent morning.

Now I have a wee kitten who has decided the order of the day is to play with my feet and gnaw on  my toes…and my arms and my computer and my dog and my cell phone. Have you ever tried to type with a cat around? Impossible. Next typo I’ll just leave for your enjoyment. Qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqtyzaaaqqq <– oh yes.

I’m going to clean and sew today which makes me really excited! The sewing part, not the cleaning. My mom has some curtains that need to be darned and re hemmed. I can’t wait to tackle it for her!

Ah, the washer is done. Time to get busy! In the meantime, enjoy this with me. My dad just sent me a photo of A sleeping in the woods. I love that even though they’re hunting they still manage to text me and send me photos. I have the best men in my life!

xo. shannon


One Comment to “Lazy (kinda) Saturday”

  1. ooohh– I want deer meat!

    My sister had a similar issue with her car (the one I’m borrowing now). Everytime she opened the passenger door her car alarm went off and they couldn’t get it to stop. They ended up disconnecting the horn and that fixed it. Of course, the horn doesn’t work now, which is a safety hazard, but we can use the car! We will have to reconnect in order to pass inspection though…

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