Lovely things…

Yesterday was such a horrific day that in this post I’m going to list things that I love or that are just lovely and beautiful in general. Sometimes it’s just needed.

Things like:
♥Having Ms. Libby come and play yesterday and talk about theology and Jesus
♥Seeing a few red leaves in trees around town
♥Reading out loud to my beloved
♥Taking Angus outside in the grass for the first time and watching him goose step around the yard
♥Catching crickets in the yard and feeling them jump around in my hands
♥Getting excited about Leslie coming over for spaghetti tonight (a recipe from my other lovely Leslie)
♥Enjoying a sunset worthy of prose and Wordsworth quoting last night
♥Drinking American Honey Wild Turkey with dinner last night
♥Waking up at 3:40 this morning to a puppy barking to come inside because it’s COLD outside
♥Waking up again at 4:10 with a wee Angus playing with my arm and finally falling asleep on my chest
♥Setting very clear boundaries and having permission and faith that they are the right boundaries to set
♥Art journaling time
♥Family time with the men in my life
♥Time with Jesus
♥Giving knitting lessons
♥A new day which I will use for a do-over, dressed like a hippie with my wedding daisy chain in my hair and moccasins
♥Raspberry yogurt for breakfast
♥A pink sunrise
♥Angus actually using the litter box (HUZZAH!)
♥Thinking about Fantastic Mr. Fox and how they say “cuss” in the movie and thinking about how great that is rather than actually cussing

There, that feels better. Today will be better than just a do-over day. But heavens, all the cuss that happened yesterday won’t be welcome in my do-over day! I’m off to enjoy my coffee and put on some eyeshadow… I think I’m really digging green eyeshadow!

xo shannon & do-over no cuss allowed day


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