Tuesday, why do you feel like Monday?

Oh, that’s right. It’s because of a super gnarley Monday, a late bedtime, and a crying kitten all night. Of course.

Man I’m tired! But I’m also really jazzed because two of our friends are coming for dinner tonight and I CAN’T WAIT! Other than family and very very very close friends that are practically family, this is the first pair of friends to come visit and have dinner. As of now we only have two chairs at our table so, we’re going to:
a) have a carpet picnic
b) go up in the field behind the house

Either way we’re making (what we consider) our signature dish and they are bringing wine and the dessert. Hooray!

I also found yet another project for us. It involves scrap wood, which we happen to have a lot of.

Whoa, huge picture and no way to fix it. Super, wordpress. So, what do you think? You dig? Cause, we do!

xo. shannon & scrap [soon to be tree on the wall] wood


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