Big News!

I finally hooked up my sewing machine!! I threaded it and fixed the bobbin all by myself! AND I played with almost all of the stitch settings. I made wee flowers and everything. SO much fun! I even made a birthday card out of felt and the leaf stitch for my cousin Tabi.

We also got our wee Angus! He is the most precious thing in the world. He’s all orange with wee white stripes! We can’t get over him! I love it when they’re new and everything is fresh and different. He’s very intrepid, which makes us really excited… since we are too! He has the sweetest pink nose and it matches his paws! Looooove it! I’ll stop gushing and show you :]

Andrew and I also went 4 wheeling today – we shredded the gnar. [that’s right, A, I said it] I’ll share photos with you later. For now we’re going to play with our wee love!

xo. shannon, andrew, & angus


One Comment to “Big News!”

  1. Angus looks like my Ellie, and my mom’s cat Jasper. Then again… don’t all orange cats look alike? I love my kitty!

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