Labor Day Weekend

Oh my! It’s been a crazy weekend! It started off well with a trip to deer camp. We were able to set up the tent and get some things settled there and we made an amaaaazing meal in the dutch oven. I think cooking in a dutch oven might be the best thing in the entire world. We took a hike and I was able to knit and art journal while we were in the woods! Love it!

While we were on our hike we were looking for a den tree that dad and I found long ago. We stumbled upon it and we got a huge surprise. When we were expecting squirrels we found, bees. It’s officially been turned into a honey tree. Holy cow! Have you ever seen a real live honey tree in the woods? Me either. Until Saturday. Dad and Andrew seriously considered robbing it but then thought better of it. I’m glad, it made me nervous  being that close to a big ol’ bee’s nest!

We got back from deer camp and went straight to a friend’s going away party where I knitted and Andrew skated. He did tons of tricks, fell a few times, got some splinters and then fell and cracked his head on the floor. His head was fine but his tooth (which has been a pain for a while) started hurting him severely. Since Saturday night we’ve been nursing him until tomorrow when he will get to the dentist and get it fixed. I also have a cold. Minuscule in comparison to an abscessed tooth but we’re both miserable! I think after the last two days we’ll need another long weekend! I’m looking forward to seeing my wee kids tomorrow and Andrew getting his tooth yanked out so he’s no longer in pain. It’s dreadful to watch the love of your life writhe in pain while you can’t do anything. Anyone have suggestions for an abscessed tooth? We’re up for anything at this point.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend! I’m off for hot tea with honey and an ice pack for A. Whew!

xo- shan


One Comment to “Labor Day Weekend”

  1. Haha– “deer camp.” I didn’t know anyone else knew what that was! There should really be a country song about it. My dad’s deer camp has an official name and over the years the guys all moved out of their campers and built cabins– and share a communal kitchen they built. One guy actually moved in down there!

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