Bedside Table Makeover

I’m so excited! Andrew and I have been thrifting our furniture. Its like our new hobby, so fun! We found this little table for me which was purple (ghastly) and I painted it bumblebee yellow. I chose bumblebee because he’s my favorite from Transformers, it made my heart happy! But, it’s just been yellow and pretty but kind of boring since we painted it. So tonight, while A was swimming with his brothers, I decided to get busy with it. I decided to do a scalloped edge on the drawer and paint the side with a cute design and an owl. Here are the before shots:

See? Cute but kinda boring. Here it is after the painting fun:

Eeeek! I’m so please with how it turned out! It is so nice to get a small project like this done. I love the feeling of complete rewarding satisfaction of a cute job well done. What are some of your projects?

Andrew and I are going to watch McLintock tonight. My mom suggested it to us the other night at the house and we got excited about it. We’re on a classic movie kick, lots of Audrey Hepburn movies (sadly some are musicals, wah wah). Any suggestions for other classics?

Happy Saturday Eve!

xo – S & A

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